Published on 22 Apr 2021 

Effective one month from the date of this announcement, IBM will begin to apply on-order price protection to only those orders considered to be firm orders. A firm order is defined below.

Firm Order: Business partner’s order submitted to IBM based upon a written firm purchase order, received from the Business Partner's customer for the product or service. Order shall include a delivery schedule specifying the end user customer's requested delivery date and quantity of the product or service ordered and the location to which shipment of the product or performance of the service is to be delivered.

The IBM Business Partner agreement general terms and direct acquisition attachment will be updated to reflect this change and to add the definition of firm order.

For additional information on IBM’s firm order policy, including the need to provide specific documents or information based on the order value, please refer to:

For clarity, any order that is not firm, for example, orders for manufacturing visibility (OMV, FOE) will not receive on-order price protection.

Please contact the IBM Partner Support Desk with questions concerning this announcement.