Published on 01 Feb 2021 

Automation simplifies how businesses operate. AI accelerates innovation by making every process more intelligent. Combining the two will make information-centric jobs more productive. Companies can apply AI-powered automation to manage complex technology environments and simplify workflows and tasks, all of which reduce costs and give back time so that people can focus on what is most strategic.

The new IBM Automation® web page is now available on PartnerWorld®. Visit and bookmark the page today so you have access to all key resources. Easily navigate to new content, such as announcements, blogs, enablement sessions, offering sales kits on Seismic, marketing campaigns, and much more.

We've consolidated our Cloud Management & Platform, Integration & Development, and Digital Business Automation web pages; and now feature our lead offerings with a focus on IBM Cloud Pak®:

Stay tuned for updates on the automation offerings and solutions featured on this new IBM Automation page.

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