Published on 03 Aug 2017 

Are you ready to compete and win in the data science field? In order to play in the data science industry you need a team of developers who can develop products and solutions with data analysis in mind.

One of the best ways to teach your developers this skill is to gamify it! IBM is leading this effort by introducing the popular game, Starcraft II to all developerWorks users on an upcoming webinar.

By joining the webinar, your developers will learn more about data science through the lens of the game world. For example, we'll demonstrate how to import the replay of a professional ESport game of Starcraft II and then write Python code that can analyze what happened in the game. It's a fun way to dive head first into Python coding and learn the gaming tactics of a professional player. Join Spencer Krum, IBM Software Developer, as he takes webinar attendees inside the world of data science. Register here.

Want to get up to speed on data science before the webinar? Check out the developerWorks data science fundamentals learning path.

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