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IBM Global Entrepreneur

IBM Global Entrepreneur benefits

The PartnerWorld Global Entrepreneur Program is now closed to new applications.

The world is changing and entrepreneurs have been telling IBM what they need to be successful. And IBM listened! Last November IBM announced that we would provide up to $120,000 of IBM Cloud credits for startups, of which over 5000 + startups have taken advantage.

Reliability, lower total cost, security, flexibility and expandability are just a few of the reasons why startups are “born on the Cloud” today.  For this reason IBM will sunset the on-premise IBM PartnerWorld Global Entrepreneur offering on December 31, 2015.

We encourage you to continue your journey with IBM.  The following are areas that you may want to take advantage of.

  1. The IBM Global Entrepreneur for Startups offering. You will be able to take advantage:
    • Free cloud resources - up to $120k in IBM Cloud credits on SoftLayer, our Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Bluemix, our Platform-as-a-Service and Cloudant, our fully managed database service, available on Bluemix. Apply here!
    • Talk to an IBM Cloud technical expert or business mentorship in person or virtually. Connect with your local IBM city teams for office hours and access to a global network of clients.
    • Explore exclusive business services for marketing, PR, document management, project management, travel and entertainment, go-to-market readiness assessments and connections to VCs, accounting and finance, HR and more. Receive access when you activate your IBM Cloud credit.
  2. IBM developerWorks
    • IBM developerWorks is the premier web-based technical resource and professional network for IT practitioners, students, and university faculty worldwide. Four million developers use developerWorks each month. to you develop their skills, solve problems, collaborate with experts, and stay ahead of the latest technical trends.
  3. IBM PartnerWorld
    • Connect with an unbeatable portfolio of solutions and a global sales force that gives you the tools to leverage critical trends such as cloud, big data & analytics, mobile, social business and security.

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