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System z Remote Development Program for z/OS, z/VM, and zVSE

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The System z Remote Development Program for z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE provides a remote environment for ISVs to develop, test, migrate, or port their application. Participating ISVs are provided with a virtual system running under IBM z/VM that is dedicated for their use. The virtual system configuration provides the ISV with a high level of system control and independence within their environment.

The System z Remote Development Program offering is structured for the ISV to be largely self-reliant with minimal assistance needed from IBM. Participating ISVs should be familiar with the chosen operating system environment and are expected to provide skills in the following areas:

Each virtual system is accessible via the internet, either directly or through a VPN network connection.

ISVs are provided with z/VM user IDs to perform virtual system management activities such as IPL, shutdown, SLEEP, and BEGIN. A TN3270 emulator which includes support for SSL or TLS encrypted sessions is required to connect to and logon to the z/VM server. The TN3270 emulator is not provided by IBM.

IBM software product maintenance is provided by IBM either routinely or at the request of the ISV. Requests for software maintenance are managed on a best effort basis.

IBM PartnerWorld membership is required for participation in the System z Remote Development Program for z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE.

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