IBM Storage Systems

As data volumes grow, you must store more data in less space and managing that data is becoming critical for the success of many businesses. The exploding volume, velocity and variety of data require optimized systems specifically architected for that task. Harness the information explosion with a smarter storage strategy from IBM. Whether it’s improving performance, lowering cost or increasing availability; IBM has a solution.

Complete the form to request time with an IBM Innovation Center to work on-site or remotely using our virtual private network service.

What the IBM Innovation Centers can provide

  • Access to the appropriate Storage System, whether it’s Enterprise, Mid-Level and Entry Level Disk Storage System; Tape Systems; NAS and Storage Software.
  • Assistance in determining the best IBM Storage Solution for your application.
  • IT specialists and architects for end-to-end development assistance to design, architect, integrate, test and validate your applications on IBM Storage Systems.
  • Access to remote systems.
  • Go-to-market offerings.

Related products

Disk storage

  • Through its extraordinary flexibility, reliability, and performance, the IBM System Storage DS8000 series and XIV are designed to manage a broad scope of storage workloads that exist in today’s complex data center and do it effectively and efficiently.

Midrange disk storage

  • Storwize V7000 - Cost effective and flexible systems to meet dynamic requirements.

IBM Network attached storage

  • IBM Network attached storage (NAS) products provide a wide-range of network attachment capabilities to a broad range of host and client systems.

IBM Tape Systems

  • IBM invented the concept of magnetic tape computer storage back in 1952. Since then, IBM has delivered many innovations in tape storage and that innovation continues today with tape backup, recovery, and archiving solutions for data protection and retention.