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IBM PureSystems

IBM PureSystems combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. They are integrated by design and come with built in patterns of expertise gained from decades of experience to deliver a simplified IT experience.

IBM PureFlex™ System integrates servers, storage, networking, virtualization, and management as well as control over tuning the middleware and run-time environment. This built-in expertise enables organizations to simply manage, and flexibly deploy, integrated patterns of virtual and hardware resources through unified management.

IBM PureApplication™ System takes the elements of the PureFlex System and adds pre-integrated middleware. These systems are specifically designed and tuned for transactional web and database applications. They are workload-aware, flexible platforms designed to be easy to deploy, customize, safeguard, and manage in a traditional or private cloud environment to ultimately provide superior IT economics.

See what the IBM Innovation Centers can provide

  • IT specialists and architects for end-to-end development assistance to design, architect and test your applications on IBM PureSystems.
  • PureSystems events to help understand the benefits to you and your clients.
  • Access to remote systems.
  • Go-to-market offerings.

Get started

Step 1: Learn more about the Ready for IBM PureSystems technical validation.
You can nominate your solution for validation using the Global Solutions Directory.

Step 2: Receive personalized guidance throughout your development cycle.
IBM will contact you to begin your engagement in the Innovation Center.

Step 3: Access the Virtual Appliance Factory.
If you are interested in creating a Virtual Appliance for IBM PureFlex and wish to obtain the self-enablement kit, complete this step.

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