Linux resources

IBM perceived Linux® as a game-changer. It turns out IBM was right. Linux is portable. It can run on everything from hand-helds to mainframes and has been deployed across all of IBM's platforms.

To help you take advantage of this opportunity, the IBM Innovation Centers offer a full range of resources and technical consultants to help you build and test your Linux applications onsite at our centers or remotely. Linux workshops are also offered at no charge to help increase your skills and knowledge. Maximize your Linux investment by adding support for IBM Power Systems and System z products.

Complete the form to request time with an IBM Innovation Center to work on-site or remotely using our virtual private network service.

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IBM Systems Application Advantage for Linux (Chiphopper)

Helps IBM Business Partners enable, test and support existing applications onto IBM Systems running Linux and middleware platforms—at no cost.

IBM Power Development Platform

Get secure, flexible, remote access to Red Hat and SUSE running on IBM Power Systems for your development activities. The save and restore function allows you to save user customized system images and reload them in subsequent reservations.

Linux Test Drive

Get remote access to Linux running on IBM System z and middleware.

Linux Remote Development Program

Enables you to develop, port, and test your solutions on IBM System z platforms for an extended period of time with the option of customized requirements for a nominal fee.