Cloud computing

Cloud computing helps enterprises transform business and technology. Whether you are an application developer, product reseller, or solutions and services provider, IBM has a comprehensive set of resources and offerings to help you deliver a successful cloud project.

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What the IBM Business Partner Solution Hub can provide

  • Cloud computing events to help understand how IBM can help you adopt cloud computing.
  • No-charge workshops to help you investigate how you can leverage cloud computing.
  • IT specialists and architects for end-to-end development assistance at IBM to design, architect, migrate, integrate and test your applications with IBM cloud capabilities.
  • Access to remote systems.
  • Go-to-market offerings.

Related products

Hardware virtualization – infrastructure management

  • IBM cloud servers
    Provides increased productivity and faster time to market with entry cloud solutions-private cloud offerings that are affordable and easy to deploy.
  • IBM PureFlex System
    Combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure system that is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure.

Image virtualization – image management

  • IBM SmartCloud Provisioning
    Provides a true IaaS solution, reduces costs and offers near-zero downtime and automated recovery.
  • IBM SmartCloud Monitoring
    Provides visibility to cloud health, performance analytics and health dashboards to optimize cloud performance.

Workload virtualization – integrated middleware

  • Virtual Appliance Factory
    Help your organization to exploit ever-evolving cloud computing capabilities and offerings at a record pace to meet future business challenges and gain competitive advantage.
  • PureApplication System patterns of Expertise
    Proven best practices and experience for complex tasks learned from decades of client and partner engagements that are captured, lab tested and optimized and then built into the system.
  • IBM Workload Deployer
    Provides access to IBM middleware virtual images and patterns to easily, quickly and repeatedly create application environments that can be securely deployed and managed in a private cloud.
  • BM PureApplication System
    A platform system designed and tuned specifically for transactional web and database applications. Its workload-aware, flexible platform is designed to be easy to deploy, customize, safeguard and manage.

Infrastructure selection – flexible delivery

  • IT Services
    Provides access to security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server environments and is well suited for development activities, test activities and other dynamic workloads.
  • IBM Cloud / IaaS - Softlayer
    Enterprise grade provider with shared and dedicated hardware options and the tools required to build a data center in the cloud.
  • IBM Cloud / PaaS - Bluemix
    Accelerates enterprise application development, deployment, management and integration in the cloud.

Hybrid integration – application integration

  • WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration
    Enables companies to rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications.

Collaboration – social business

  • IBM SmartCloud for Social Business
    Delivers scalable, security-rich email, Web conferencing and collaboration solutions through the SaaS model. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business provides users with new ways to work more effectively with people inside and outside their company at a predictable monthly rate.

More resources

Learn how to help grow your cloud skills and business with our training and resources.

Our worldwide centers offer assistance with a variety of activities including performance and scalability testing.

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Network with other IT professionals and gain access to IBM technology and industry experts.

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