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System Storage specialty

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To participate in the IBM System Storage specialty, you must apply for the specialty and meet requirements through eligible certifications and verified System Storage client references. You must also achieve and maintain the minimum annual System Storage revenue requirements. Completion of these activities may also earn points towards your PartnerWorld levels.

Notes for all IOTs

  1. One employee may fulfill multiple certification requirements.
  2. The maximum number of points that can be earned by one employee is four PartnerWorld points.
  3. After the minimum number of required certifications and client references are met, your firm must acquire additional PartnerWorld points through your choice of additional sales skills certifications, technical skills certifications, or approved client references.
  4. Refer to the new Specialty Operations Guide.

You are encouraged to visit the Business Partner Technical Vitality (BPTV) Skills Dashboard tool, which can provide you with a customized gap analysis of your progress in completing the Storage Systems Specialty certification skills criteria.

The BPTV tool links to the PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS), reviews certifications your firm has already completed, and provides you with a gap analysis identifying the certifications your firm still needs to complete. Your Authorized Program Administrator (APA) will have immediate access to BPTV. Your APA might allow additional employees to view the scorecard and dashboard by assigning them the “BPTV General” role in PPS. For additional information, contact PartnerWorld.

Certification details

List of current Storage certifications

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