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Global Solutions Directory

Best practices

Tips to maximize your exposure in the Global Solutions Directory

Use these tips to give your products the best possible exposure through the Global Solutions Directory.

Complete all fields on the submission form

Although some fields are optional, providing additional information makes your entries more attractive to customers. Additionally, your company's solution(s) may be promoted on other IBM websites using your Global Solutions Directory information. Submissions should be easy to read and within the character count limitations.

Once you submit your solution, the Global Solutions Directory approval team checks your entry for spelling, grammar, appropriate content, functional links, graphics, font size, color, and style. If your solution requires updates, the team will send you a notice. The required updates are visible when you access the solution in Manage Solutions. You can then edit and resubmit your entry.

Note: Refrain from using superlatives such as "the only", "the best", "the greatest", "unparalleled", "unmatched", "foremost", "incomparable", "unsurpassable", etc. in descriptive text fields. Superlatives may be perceived as an endorsement to the end user and will be screened out in the review process. 

Help customers and IBM employees find you

Refresh your solutions

To keep solution entries as up to date as possible, the Global Solutions Directory has a solution aging process. Solutions that have not been updated in 24 months will be removed from public view until updated. Once a solution has been removed due to the aging process, you can update the solution by selecting Manage solutions from the Global Solutions Directory page.

Include your company logo in your entries

Adding your company's logo into the Global Solutions Directory can help your solution stand out while enhancing your own brand image.

Nominate your solution for an IBM technical validation

Validating successful integrations of your products with IBM products through PartnerWorld differentiates your product in the growing on demand market. Earning an IBM technical validation demonstrates compatibility and interoperability while offering you the opportunity to use one or more IBM Marks in your own marketing. After submitting your solution in the Global Solutions Directory, select Manage solutions from the Global Solutions Directory page, select Nominate your solution and follow the steps to apply.

Make an impact. Add a video!

Add a YouTube video to your solution to make an impact on potential customers, IBM employees, and other IBM Business Partners. Your company can tell its unique story through a video that is front and center on your solution display.

Effectively use IBM Marks in your solution marketing

The greatest value of earning a technical validation is to differentiate your product. Once your company becomes eligible, make sure you take advantage of using these IBM Marks in as many approved capacities as possible (as detailed in the usage guidelines provided in conjunction with your respective validation).

Work with other IBM Business Partners

Looking for ways for other IBM Business Partners to find, engage and collaborate with you? IBM Business Partner Locator is the answer. Once your solution submission has been entered and approved in the Global Solutions Directory (new listings may take up to 48 hours to be approved and published), it will automatically be available through the Business Partner Locator.

Earn points toward your level in PartnerWorld

Have you sold and installed your solution at a customer's site where it is (1) running on IBM hardware, IBM software, or both or (2) includes an IBM services engagement? If so, you may earn points toward a higher level in PartnerWorld by submitting your solution for verification or submitting your solution for a client reference.

For solution verification, your solution must be a repeatable, for sale solution that you make available to many customers as an offering, and your solution must include at least one qualified IBM technology. IBM will technically verify your solution to confirm you are actively marketing the solution with IBM technologies, and IBM will conduct a customer verification to confirm that your solution was installed at one of your customer's site within the last 18 months.

IBM client references are an effective tool that can help you and your colleagues close business and represent where you have provided a solution or service to your customer. IBM will contact your customer to verify that your engagement took place within the past 18 months.

To apply for solution verification or an IBM client reference, simply complete your submission by selecting Manage solutions from the Global Solutions Directory page and fill out the required information, including your customer's information and the IBM hardware, IBM software, and services used in the installation. The verification process typically takes five to ten business days.

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