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These tips will help you complete your SmartCamp application. You must become an IBM Global Entrepreneur participant prior to applying to pitch your company at a SmartCamp event.

Align with IBM growth initiatives

There is no single company that is perfect for a SmartCamp event. Every company is different, so accentuate those differences and show us how your company aligns with our IBM growth initiatives, such as mobile, cloud, big data, analytics, and social.

Tell us about your success

SmartCamp looks for early stage companies, but keep in mind that your business and product must be real—in other words, be beyond the conceptual idea or business plan stage. You should be able to demonstrate an appreciation of the market and the business challenges you face, and your solution should be in beta or have a customer reference.

Commitment to success should be at the forefront of all of your answers. Be guided by the questions on the application form, as well as the hints that go with those questions.

Read the guidance criteria in the terms and conditions carefully, and as much as possible, fill in all sections of the application form.

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