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Ecosystem Exchange webcasts are for ISVs, MSPs, Business Partners, and others interested in building, selling, and deploying solutions on IBM platforms.

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data is emerging as the world’s newest resource for competitive advantage, and analytics is the key to make sense of it. IBM's Big Data and Analytics software and infrastructure enables you to create solutions that provide the insights needed to make better decisions and create value.

Introductory topics

  • + ExpandIntroduction to Business Analytics

    Studies show that organizations that apply analytics outperform their peers. And those organizations with a high analytics quotient—that is, a broad-based, analytics-driven culture—perform, on average, three times better.

    IBM business analytics software uniquely enables organizations to apply analytics to decision-making, anytime, anywhere.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to IBM Big Data Platform

    This session provides an introduction to the IBM big data platform. Learn how you can bring big data to the enterprise with BigInsights, InfoSphere Streams, and Data Explorer. It is targeted to IBM Business Partners who are not familiar with IBM big data or Business Partners previously trained on IBM big data looking for a refreshed and modern introduction.

  • + ExpandBusiness intelligence, an overview

    Make better and smarter business decisions faster with IBM solutions that take business intelligence to a whole new level. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence can enable more people with broader analytics capabilities so that everyone has the relevant information necessary to drive your business forward.

    This in-depth overview covers all of the relevant components of the Cognos BI platform.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to BLU Acceleration

    Born from new advances in data processing from IBM Research, IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration is a leap forward in database technology that raises the bar for performance and value. BLU Acceleration uses patented technologies to deliver a unique combination of performance, ease of use, and cost-efficiency with 8 to 25 times faster reporting and analytics, and cases of more than 1,000 times faster answers to queries.

  • + ExpandPerformance management, an overview

    Learn about the strategy and innovation driving our opportunities in the Office of Finance. In this presentation, we discuss how Cognos solutions help customers achieve their performance management needs. Listen to some success stories and tips on how to articulate our strategy for financial performance management to prospects and customers.

  • + ExpandPredictive analytics and decision management

    Predictive analytics in areas such as customer analytics, operational analytics and threat and fraud analytics helps organizations predict what might happen next so that they can make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes. IBM offers easy-to-use predictive analytics products that meet the specific needs of different users and skill levels from beginners to experienced analysts.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to Risk analytics

    IBM risk analytics solutions enable the world's most successful companies to make risk-aware decisions through smarter enterprise risk management programs and methodologies – driving business performance and better outcomes. In this presentation, we will introduce you to the world of risk analytics by showcasing a few examples.

  • + ExpandJoin the Hadoop stampede: Introducing the new IBM PureData System for Hadoop

    Find out how the IBM PureData System for Hadoop can help you and your customers rapidly deploy enterprise class Hadoop. This new expert integrated system delivers a smarter way to reduce complexity, accelerate time to value, and improve IT economics. The speakers cover the use cases, technology, and integration scenarios that enable ISVs to penetrate the growing Hadoop market.

More Business Analytics topics

  • + ExpandThe big opportunity for IBM Business Partners in big data and analytics

    Join us to hear from Analyst International Data Corporation (IDC), as they share their insight from the white paper they authored, 'The Big Opportunity for IBM Business Partners in Big Data and Analytics'. They will share their Point of View, along with personal experiences from three IBM Business Partners interviewed for this paper: Aginity, eCapital Advisors, and YaData Solutions.

  • + ExpandWe are now in the era of big data. Is data warehousing dead?

    Many pundits have proclaimed the demise of the Data Warehouse with the rise of Hadoop and other technologies that can manage Big Data. See how customers can realize benefits based on the IBM Big Data Platform based on both new Hadoop technologies AND tried and true.... Data Warehousing.

  • + ExpandInfoSphere Data Explorer: Jump starting your Big Data Journey with Big Data exploration

    How do you get your arms around all of the data you have, figure out how it is being used, and leverage it for tangible business benefits? Big data exploration is the ability to explore and navigate all of the potential data sources in your enterprise to determine how best to proceed. In this presentation you will learn how you can begin your big data exploration project.

  • + ExpandInfoSphere Streams: Capture and analyze data in motion

    This session provides an introduction to InfoSphere Streams. IBM InfoSphere Streams is an advanced computing platform that allows user-developed applications to ingest, analyze, and correlate information quickly as it arrives from thousands of real-time sources. The solution can handle very high data throughput rates: up to millions of events or messages per second.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to InfoSphere BigInsights V2.0: Big Data tool for visualizing, monitoring, developing

    BigInsights delivers a rich set of advanced analytics capabilities that allows enterprises to analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured data in its native format. The software combines open source Apache Hadoop with IBM innovations including sophisticated text analytics, IBM BigSheets for data exploration and a range of performance, security and administrative features.


Cloud computing lets you build, test, run, and deploy applications securely at a fraction of the current effort; simplify your IT infrastructure without sacrificing. IBM builds its cloud offerings on open standards to ensure interoperability and accelerate clients' success with the cloud.

Featured Cloud topics

  • + Expand Deliver cloud-based services in a growing market with SoftLayer and IBM

    Learn the benefits of becoming a Business Partner with SoftLayer. Get an overview of the SoftLayer Services and Solution Provider Program, as well as the SoftLayer Referral Program, including important announcements of new and enhanced benefits to help Business Partners promote their SoftLayer-based offerings.

  • + Expand Accelerate your innovation with IBM Bluemix

    Learn about the new IBM Bluemix offering that provides you easy access to a rich library of IBM, third-party, and open source runtimes, services, and APIs. Learn how other developers are using IBM Bluemix quickly go from coding with confidence to deploying with enterprise class services and scale.

  • + Expand Build highly scalable applications for Bluemix

    Check out this webcast to learn various techniques for designing applications that will scale successfully in Bluemix and gain the confidence to take your apps to the next level.

  • + Expand Build your own Watson powered application on Bluemix

    Are you interested in building a cognitive application using the power of IBM Watson? Need a platform that provides speed and ease for rapidly deploying this application? Check out this webcast, and join Chris Madison, Watson Solution Architect, as he walks through the process of building a Watson-powered application on IBM Bluemix. Chris will do a step-by-step cognitive application-building demonstration to acquaint you with the functionality and flexibility of Watson Services.

  • + Expand Bluemix Advantage—New opportunities for cloud application service providers

    Learn about the IBM Bluemix cloud development platform. Developers and business leaders alike will benefit from hearing how Bluemix offers a low-risk, secure, and cost-sensitive environment—using new capabilities and technologies that are geared towards the cloud. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to differentiate and leap-frog your competition with IBM Bluemix.

  • + Expand SoftLayer Foundations—An introduction to SoftLayer for Business Partners

    SoftLayer provides a robust, scalable and secure platform for born-on-the-cloud applications. This webcast provides an introduction to SoftLayer and covers the business strategy for Business Partners, the value proposition, and the subscription model.

  • + ExpandBuilding the next generation cloud on open standards

    Explore how an open approach to cloud management can help increase your cloud agility and reduce the time and cost of interoperability across the cloud.

  • + ExpandIBM SmartCloud: Keeping your important data safe in the cloud

    Learn how to proactively address security in IBM SmartCloud so that your organization isn't next week's data breach headline, protect intellectual property and enable enterprises to comply with data privacy and system integrity regulations, and how to combine context-aware user access, high performance encryption for data-at-rest and operational control into a single system that seamlessly interoperates with existing IT systems.

  • + ExpandManage and monitor critical applications with IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management

    This session covers: How IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management solution provides out-of-the-box configurations for rapid time to value and how the convergence of these tools into a seamless set of on-premises and SaaS offerings, allows customers with changing needs to move seamlessly from technology to technology.

  • + ExpandTransform your data center with cloud lifecycle management

    As organizations move toward adopting hybrid cloud resources, the challenges of managing service availability, performance, security and quality become ever more critical. In this tech talk, learn how advanced automation and orchestration solutions can help IT data center operations teams effectively manage increasingly complex, multi-hypervisor computing environments.

  • + ExpandMaximize the benefits of virtualization for greater ROI

    Understand the benefits of virtualization and cloud technologies developed by IBM. These technologies help you to reduce management costs, decrease deployment time, increase visibility into performance, and maximize utilization.

More Cloud topics

  • + ExpandOrchestrating the cloud to simplify and accelerate service delivery

    Determine the right cloud orchestration strategy to address the unique needs and pain points of your organization while increasing productivity and spurring innovation. This tech talk provides an overview of a simple, flexible cloud orchestration strategy that can help increase productivity and spur innovation.

  • + ExpandScanning open source software and managing license obligations on IBM SmartCloud

    Managing and complying with open source software licenses obligations requires an accurate understanding of all external components in a code portfolio. Watch a demo of the open source software detection and reporting options available through Protecode on IBM® SmartCloud®.

  • + ExpandManaging the real costs of running a cloud

    Even though server proliferation can be partially addressed through virtualization, the usage of virtual and physical assets becomes complex to accurately assess or manage. Cost management is crucial to integrate into overall service management, especially with a move into cloud. Learn how to implement a financial management roadmap and the key requirements for cloud transparency-- the ability to allocate IT costs, usage, and value.

  • + ExpandGetting applications to the cloud leveraging IBM pattern technology and SmartCloud Application Services

    There is a growing expectation to be able to leverage applications through the cloud. Users are interested in leveraging these applications through public clouds and even their own private cloud. This session discusses IBM SmartCloud Application Services (SCAS) and the PaaS services it provides for application development and deployment in IBM's cloud.

  • + ExpandSaaS 2.0: Rapid SaaS-enablement with SaaS-Cockpit

    Software vendors are looking for ways to transform their business model to Software as a Service (SaaS) quickly without having to re-architect their applications, or develop a whole new set of SaaS operations and management capabilities in addition to their core product. This webcast describes how SaaS-Cockpit provides the complete provisioning, operations and management capabilities essential for the SaaS business model.

  • + ExpandMaking Cloud and DevOps work for you

    This webcast demonstrates the benefits of DevOps in both IBM SmartCloud Application Services, IBM's new Platform as a Service offering, and SmartCloud Continuous Delivery, which leverages the shared IBM technologies of SmartCloud Foundation, enabling application deployment to any cloud or virtual environment including IBM private and hosted cloud (i.e. SmartCloud Application Services).

  • + ExpandSimplify your cloud backup with Asigra and IBM

    IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is built for the enterprise. Serious enterprise applications that are now being run on SmartCloud, require a smarter and better backup solution to meet enterprise requirements while taking advantage of the self-service, on-demand, and elastic nature of the cloud. Learn how to better protect your cloud servers. This webcast describes how cloud backup works, how to backup your SmartCloud servers, and how to backup your on-premise servers to SmartCloud.

  • + ExpandDeployment of analytics made easy with IBM Analytical Decision Management Software as a Service

    IBM Analytical Decision Management Software as a Service automates and optimizes transactional decisions before deployment to consistently maximize outcomes. It combines predictive analytics, local rules, optimization and scoring to deliver recommended actions which can help guide employees and systems to make the right business decisions every time.

  • + ExpandBenefits of deploying in the cloud: Aviarc

    Aviarc is a leading platform for developing and delivering this class of application. IBM SmartCloud along with the IBM suite of products provide the ideal infrastructure to enable this kind of user-first development. This session introduces this exciting area of application development, and demonstrates how Aviarc can work in tandem with IBM products to provide this capability to an organization.

  • + ExpandPatch and security compliance in cloud, virtual, and physical environments

    Join this session to learn how the combination of IBM SmartCloud Provisioning and IBM Endpoint Manager can help you to better manage both virtual and physical environments, and improve endpoint security while driving to higher levels of automation.

  • + ExpandBring the culture of unattended automation to the cloud

    Learn about IBM SmartCloud Workload Automation, a solution that provides dynamic workload automation capabilities to efficiently run critical applications—while also enabling users to leverage the elasticity of cloud computing to expand or shrink investment levels in real time, based on changing business needs.

  • + ExpandGetting the best from your current virtualization environment with Tivoli service management

    See how the IBM cloud solution can complement and expand the virtualization environment you have today. After an overview of the component products, see a live demo that showcases the everyday value being delivered to the virtualized environment.

  • + ExpandIBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery, IBM's DevOps solution

    Learn how DevOps solutions from IBM provide the foundation for improving agility across the lifecycle by automating and speeding deployment and rollback of applications and infrastructure.

  • + ExpandITIL at cloud speed using the IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

    See how the SmartCloud Control Desk performs the necessary analytics, and adapts the process flows based on the results of the analytics. The SmartCloud Control Desk helps to support a higher rate and pace of change in cloud environments, with improved responsiveness and reduced labor costs, while still following ITIL best practices.

  • + ExpandRapidly enable, operate and manage efficient SaaS with multi-tenant server

    Software vendors are looking for a way to transform their business model without having to re-architect their applications, or build a whole new set of SaaS operations and management capabilities, or risk their legacy customers with a disruptive change. During this webcast, the speakers describe the capability of Multi-Tenant Server™ to transform a web application into a fully multi-tenant application.

  • + ExpandIBM SmartCloud for Social Business Services

    Get the latest word and understanding on the powerful features and functionality of reliable, security-rich, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business services. Discover how these cloud services will help you improve productivity, deepen customer relationships, and generate new ideas in a single, security-rich place, across firewalls, no matter the size of your business.

  • + ExpandIs your SmartCloud Healthy?

    Learn about the Integrated Monitoring Dashboard for the health of SmartCloud Provisioning Services and how it provides the ability to quickly determine the health of your cloud infrastructure and managed virtual machines. Learn how to gain insight into CPU, disk, and network resource utilization to provide visibility, control, and automation for your cloud infrastructure.

  • + ExpandBuild and manage a low-touch, highly-scalable cloud using IBM SmartCloud Provisioning

    Learn how IBM SmartCloud Provisioning lets you rapidly set up a cloud environment in a few hours providing quick ROI to your investments. Hear what makes this solution automatically turn hardware and software into a fault-tolerant system. Murtuza Choilawala demos a few of its key capabilities.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to IBM Workload Deployer

    Learn about IBM Workload Deployer and the benefits it can bring to your organization. Joe Bohn highlights the capabilities and strengths of each deployment model supported in Workload Deployer. See how easy Workload Deployer is to use and the value that it can provide to your business.

  • + ExpandLeveraging the cloud to build industry solutions

    During this webcast, Mark Weber and David Carew explore cloud products and the platform, and demonstrate how IBM makes it easier for you to take advantage of this evolution in your industry.


Smarter Commerce is an integrated solution approach to putting the customer at the center of a company's strategic business operations. Smarter Commerce covers all facets of buy, market, sell, and service processes enabling a company to engage their customers and Business Partners in more effective ways.

  • + ExpandNeteven marketplace solutions and IBM WebSphere Commerce

    Learn about IBM and Neteven's new Ready For Smarter Commerce integration. Find out how their new integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce can be used for your e-commerce marketplace needs and requirements.

  • + ExpandIncrease your e-commerce value proposition to your customers, Business Partners, and end users

    Learn how two IBM Business Partners, Amplience and Temando, contribute to the total value proposition of Smarter Commerce, while reducing costs, optimizing logistics, and driving increased conversion. Learn about their solution architecture, value propositions, and integrations with IBM software solutions.

  • + ExpandComplete your ecommerce solution with the payment providers

    Discover how two Business Partners, Klarna and Cybersource, contribute to the total value proposition of Smarter Commerce. Learn about their solution architecture, ready to use integrations, and more.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to Smarter Commerce

    This provides an overview of how to position Smarter Commerce by leveraging representative solution scenarios. This in-depth overview covers the Smarter Commerce reference architecture and enabling software capabilities, including several industry based examples of how clients have begun to adopt IBM's Smarter Commerce strategy to achieve business objectives.

  • + ExpandISV solutions - Mirakl and Pluck

    Hear how two key IBM Business Partners contribute to the value proposition of Smarter Commerce - Mirakl (Marketplace solution) and Pluck (Social Commerce solutions). Learn about the solution architecture, value proposition and ready to use integrations.

  • + ExpandISV solutions - Heiler/informatica and e-Spirit

    Hear how two key Business Partners of IBM help to contribute to the value proposition of e-commerce solutions with WebSphere Commerce, Heiler/informatica (Product Information Management) and e-Spirit (Web Content Management System). Learn about the solution architecture, value proposition and ready to use integrations.

  • + ExpandOverview of Enterprise Marketing Management

    The EMM product suite contains expanded capabilities that help both digital and customer relationship marketers improve marketing results. These capabilities span cross-channel campaign management, marketing resource management, digital marketing optimization, and web analytics. The session focuses on the IBM product portfolio delivering these capabilities including Coremetrics, Unica, Tealeaf, and DemandTec.

  • + ExpandSelling and Fulfillment: WebSphere Commerce, Sterling Commerce, and Emptoris

    Selling and Fulfillment products provide integrated capabilities that help companies effectively manage on-line selling, order management, pricing and quoting, and inventory visibility across customer, Business Partner, and supplier channels. Sterling Order Management combines multi-channel order aggregation with global visibility to inventory, delivery, and service availability.


  • + ExpandOverview of WebSphere Commerce

    This session will highlight key product capabilities of WebSphere Commerce and show how business users can leverage WebSphere Commerce to empower them to take full control of the personalized customer experience that is necessary to secure brand loyalty and maximize sales.


  • + ExpandLearn how Fluid and IBM are changing customer engagements

    Fluid Inc, an IBM Business Partner and Digital Agency, leads the market in creating visual, dynamic, social commerce solutions that display products the way consumers want to see them. In this session you will learn about the value proposition for on-demand visual merchandising and product customization, and how it integrates seamlessly with IBM technology and the Smarter Commerce strategy.


MobileFirst is the IBM approach to end-to-end mobile solutions. These solutions help you build and connect assets to enhance your mobile platform; improve your systems to better manage and secure your mobile apps, devices, and connections; and extend and optimize your customer relationships and internal processes.

Introductory series

  • + ExpandIntroduction to IBM MobileFirst Analytics

    With the rapid adoption of mobile devices, consumers now have the ability to conduct transactions anywhere, anytime. Yet most businesses today have a limited understanding of how their customers are engaging with them on mobile channels. Tealeaf is the industry-leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solution that ensures the success of online customers.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices

    This session will introduce the concepts of Endpoint management of Mobile devices. IBM Endpoint Manager enables organizations to manage and secure complex BYOD and traditional environments of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and servers using a single management infrastructure.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to IBM MobileFirst

    This session introduces you to the world of enterprise mobility by showcasing a few examples of customers who are building mobile enterprises, and discussing the benefits of becoming a mobile enterprise.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to IBM Worklight: Building and connecting cross-platform mobile apps with IBM Worklight

    This session introduces IBM Worklight. IBM Worklight provides a comprehensive mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets, helping organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, connect, run, and manage HTML5, hybrid, and native applications

More MobileFirst topics

  • + ExpandBuild an Android app using MobileData Cloud

    You may already know about some of the benefits of Bluemix, IBM's open platform for developing and deploying mobile and web applications. Check out this webcast that focuses on building an Android application using the MobileData service, with a walk-through of the real process and workflow used to build and link the MobileData service within your application.

  • + ExpandDiscover innovative best of breed mobile solutions with IBM Business Partners

    Discover how two IBM Business Partners, ClickSoftware and Monitise, contribute to the total value proposition of mobile. Learn about their solution architecture, value propositions, and integrations with IBM software solutions

  • + ExpandDrive best of breed mobile solutions working with IBM Business Partners and their solutions

    Hear how two IBM Business Partners, Konvergence and Proxym, contribute to the total value proposition of mobile. Learn about their solution architecture, value propositions, and integrations with IBM software solutions.

  • + ExpandQuick ROI using mobile applications for your industry

    IBM Premier Business Partner, Royal Cyber, describes how you can leverage mobile for your business growth and generate tangible ROI using the IBM Worklight mobility platform.

  • + ExpandIBM Worklight in the Cloud

    IBM and Deutsche Telekom's Developer Garden—better together.

    Mobile apps are becoming more and more important for business. Security is a concern when it comes to data storage and transport when adapting different platforms. Last, but not least, you need a system to handle the transactions between your app and backend systems. Large enterprises leverage Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of mobile app development.

    The new service combines the strengths of Deutsche Telekom's Developer Garden with IBM Worklight to provide organizations with instant access to Deutsche Telekom's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and communication services and expertise.

  • + ExpandOvercoming the challenges of building cross-platform mobile apps

    In this webcast, SevenTablets, a distinguished IBM Premier Business Partner, discusses how they created OnBoard, their enterprise communication hub, and how they used Worklight, the STAMP process, and STAX API to overcome the many challenges of cross-platform mobile apps.

    Join Daniel Brookshier, Chief Architect at SevenTablets, Inc., as he presents his team's insights into Worklight, their process, and their API. He'll cover:

  • + ExpandLeveraging AT&T APIs as key assets in an enterprise Worklight ecosystem

    The AT&T API Platform enables you to quickly create and securely deploy apps on Worklight, IBM's industry-leading mobile enterprise application platform. When you develop apps with IBM Worklight, the AT&T APIs and adapters can help you accelerate your time-to-market and reduce the cost and complexity of app development using API-based monetization strategies and personalization features.

  • + ExpandCrafting an adaptive mobile security and management posture

    Organizations need to quickly make informed selections and decisions on the mobile security and management solutions they deploy — organizational inertia itself can lead to increased risk exposure. This session highlights the key focus areas for designing a mobile security posture and more.

  • + ExpandHow to overcome enterprise mobility challenges

    The benefits of a mobile environment are boundless, but the challenges can be just as numerous. Learn how to overcome these challenges and deliver the seamless mobile experience that your consumers and employees expect.

    Join Stephanie Trunzo, Chief Creative Officer at PointSource, a Premier IBM Business Partner, as she discusses some of the more pressing topics around mobility.

Social business

Businesses move from liking to leading when they look beyond social media to see how social technologies drive real business value.

  • + Expand IBM Business Tech Trends Report

    Watch the results of the 2014 IBM Business Tech Trends study and learn about insights and trends around key technologies like cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, and social that will help guide your business strategy and your technology investments.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to IBM Smarter Workforce Solutions for ISVs

    Learn about the Smarter Workforce product roadmap and how heritage IBM and Kenexa offerings align to deliver Smarter Workforce solutions.

  • + ExpandIntroduction to IBM Social Business platform

    Social Business embraces networks of people to create business value. It's the convergence of three major technologies: Social Networking, Social Analytics, and Social Content. This session discusses the Social Business value proposition, how IBM solutions can make that vision a reality for you and your customers, and introduces the programs and resources that will help you get started.

  • + ExpandBiggest launch ever for SmartCloud for Social Business: Cloud, social, mobile and more

    IBM SmartCloud for Social Business provides one-click access to business-grade file sharing, social networking, communities, online meetings, instant messaging, email, and calendar. The power of IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is that it is designed to help companies collaborate and work with anyone inside or outside their company's firewall.

  • + ExpandIBM SmartCloud for Social Business: Easy to use email and social capabilities with application integration

    This session introduces the powerful features of reliable, security-rich, SmartCloud for Social Business services. Discover how these cloud services will help you improve productivity and deepen customer relationships, and how you can enrich the experience by integrating your own applications, or leverage the Social Capabilities of SmartCloud for Social Business in your applications.

  • + ExpandReady to execute marketing campaigns for Social Business

    Ready to Execute is a digital demand generation methodology in which IBM worldwide marketing teams have developed campaigns as a complete package for several key software capabilities across our portfolio. Campaigns include multi-touch emails, telemarketing scripts, and web marketing guidance. Just add your logo and a few words of your own, and you are ready to go. All at no charge!

  • + ExpandIBM Exceptional Digital Experience: Help your clients provide integrated, engaging, and mobile access to their business

    IBM's Digital Experience software solutions are uniquely designed to help create, manage, simplify and integrate your processes to create rich online experiences, through multiple channels and devices. Learn about how WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Management enable you to build engaging web sites and digital experiences for your customer’s business applications, processes and content.

IBM PureSystems

The IBM® PureSystems™ family of solutions is a collection of expert integrated systems that uses built-in patterns based on years of IT experiences and best practices to automate many of the complex cloud-related development, deployment, and configuration tasks.

  • + ExpandDevOps and Pure Application System: the next generation of applications

    DevOps and PureApplication System is fundamentally changing the way companies operate. In this session, you will learn the value of bringing DevOps and PureApplication System together today, and how much more can be realized in the future.

  • + ExpandConquer big data challenges with IBM PureData System for Analytics

    Learn how IBM PureData™ for Analytics offers IBM Business Partners a highly scalable data warehouse with rapid time to value, ease of deployment, and outstanding performance that can expand their target market and increase customer satisfaction.

  • + ExpandAn introduction to PureData System for transactions

    Delivering high-scale data services just got a lot easier. This session discusses how IBM PureData System for Transactions offers a highly available and optimized transactional workload environment with rapid time to value, ease of deployment, and outstanding performance. The PureData System for Transactions provides speed, simplicity, and scalability.

  • + ExpandLeveraging IBM software patterns on IBM PureApplication System in your organization

    In this session learn how new pattern solutions from IBM are accelerating analytics capabilities, enabling high performance cloud infrastructure, and empowering mobile and social business. Get real examples of how IBM patterns are changing the experience of IT for customers and IBM Business Partners.

  • + ExpandPureApplication System enhancements enable simplified business continuity

    This session covers the recent enhancements to the IBM PureApplication System and shows how they can provide you with superior IT economics whether you operate in a traditional or private cloud environment.

  • + ExpandThe value of patterns on IBM PureApplication Systems

    The launch of IBM PureSystems™ heralds the new era of computing. This session discusses an integrated ready-to-run database platform exclusively tuned for transactional workloads, and also a system optimized to deliver data services for analytics and deal with the vast amounts of data and complex analytic processing.

  • + ExpandGetting applications to the cloud leveraging IBM pattern technology and SmartCloud Application Services

    There is a growing expectation to be able to leverage applications through the cloud. Users are interested in leveraging these applications through public clouds and even their own private cloud. This session discusses IBM SmartCloud® Application Services (SCAS) and the PaaS services it provides for application development and deployment in IBM's cloud.

  • + ExpandBI Pattern with Blu Acceleration on PureApplication

    The IBM PureApplication System and Business Intelligence (BI) Pattern with Blu Acceleration offer a way for Business Partners to deliver value to clients in the area of big data and analytics.

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