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Calendar feeds

Get started subscribing to calendar feeds

What are calendar subscriptions?

Calendar subscriptions are a way to subscribe to a set of events maintained by the event owners. Once you have subscribed to a calendar, any new events or changes to those events are automatically added to your calendar without any work on your part.

The best thing about calendar subscriptions is that you never have to enter anything on your calendar. Events appear as soon as the owner of the shared calendar adds or modifies an entry. Different users can also subscribe to the same calendar using different calendar programs on different devices.

You can subscribe to calendar feeds through Google calendars, Lotus Notes, Apple iCal, iPhone and iPad calendars, Microsoft Outlook, and many more apps. The following examples show you how to get started subscribing to upcoming Ecosystem Exchange webcasts using various tools. Afterwards, new events will automatically appear on your calendar. You can learn more about the event and register using the link that's part of the entry.

Getting the calendar link

To subscribe to the Ecosystem Exchange calendar, go to Ecosystem Exchange webcasts page and right click and copy the link location.

Screenshot: Browser, copying URL for calendar feed

  • Use this URL in the Internet calendar subscription for your tool. Here are some examples.

Google Calendar

  1. Go to your Google Calendar.

  2. Click on the drop down arrow in the "Other Calendars" section on the left-hand side. (1 in the screenshot)

  3. Choose "Add by URL" (2).
    Choose 'Add by URL' #2

  4. When the pop up appears, paste the URL you copied above into the URL: field.

  5. Click "Add calendar" to finish.
    Click 'Add calendar' to finish.

    The calendar is identified by name and color on the left hand side of the Google calendar page.
    The calendar is identified by name and color on the left hand side of the google calendar page.

  6. Click the dropdown next to the calendar in the list and you can select colors or select "Reminders and Notifications". You can have Google send you an email reminder days or hours before the event.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Select "Tools," then "Account Settings" in your Outlook Calendar menu.
  2. Select "Internet Calendars," "New"
    To subscribe to the Ecosystem Exchange calendar, go to the upcoming events page and right click and copy the link location from the calendar icon.
  3. Paste the URL and select Add.

IBM Notes

  1. From the calendar view in IBM Notes go to "My Calendars" and then click "Add a Calendar".
    Screenshot: IBM Notes, Selecting Add a Calendar in Calendar view
  2. Add the settings for your calendar
    • Choose "iCalendar feed" from the “Add” drop down menu (1)
    • In the "Label" field enter your name for the calendar (2)
    • Paste the URL for the webcal feed. (3)
    • Set colors and icons to suit your own preferences
    • Click "OK" to finish.
    Screenshot: IBM Notrs, configuring URL and calendar settings


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