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Ready for IBM Commerce

Building Commerce solutions

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Smarter Commerce

Once you've developed and tested your integration, validating your solution helps ensure your integration is ready for prospective clients. This Ready for IBM Commerce validation indicates your solution is readily deployable with minimal cost and risk to a client.

Validation details
  1. Create your solution entry in the IBM GSD and to nominate into the Ready for IBM Commerce validation program

  2. Complete the solution review
    The validation process involves submitting basic information about your solution, completing the checklist and conducting a solution demonstration/review. After receiving your completed documentation, a member of the IBM Commerce team will contact you and will work with you to arrange a convenient time to review your solution.
    Get the review questions for each integration type: Technical details on the integration of your solution with the specific IBM product in the IBM Commerce portfolio and a formal review of these details will be required, including a brief web-based demonstration session to review the solution working with the IBM product.

  3. Sign the agreement and get the mark
    The license supplement outlines the legal terms and conditions for use of the Ready for IBM Commerce mark in your marketing materials. The license supplement is accessible only by the Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) of your company after you have successfully completed your validation testing. If you do not know who your APA is, contact PartnerWorld.



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