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Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement

Building IBM Watson Customer Engagement solutions

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The Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement initiative is designed to create a win for you, a win for our customers, and a win for IBM. By working together, we create greater value for our shared customers. Achieving the Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement validation enables you to take advantage of go-to-market benefits designed to help generate pipeline for your verified solution. Learn how!

Establishing Your Solution Foothold

Leverage the following benefits to help establish your Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement solution with a foothold in the market and build a solid foundation for your validated investment.

Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement" mark

A dedicated Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement branded mark help drives credibility and empowers you to differentiate your solution on your website, on your marketing materials, and in customer facing sales materials.

Program Logo

Land and Expand

Learn how Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement Solution Providers can expand their relevance and influence as a solution leader in the market:

Accelerate Your Market Traction

Research and incentives, combined with inclusion in a targeted marketplace, can further accelerate your traction and reach:

In addition to a referral payment, a SaaS Referral Business Partner is eligible to receive:

Time to Get Started!

  • join

    STEP #1: Join the IBM PartnerWorld Program

    The first step is to join IBM PartnerWorld and become an IBM Business Partner. There's no charge and PartnerWorld includes many benefits to help you develop and sell your solutions.

  • find

    STEP #2: Find a Relevant Solution Opportunity

    Browse our “Find Opportunities” link above and consider the types of use cases you could enable by integrating with IBM Watson Customer Engagement products.

  • develop

    STEP #3: Develop Your Solution

    Get started by gaining access to an instance of the IBM offering you want to integrate with. Different offerings have different options for creating a development environment.

  • submit

    STEP #4: Submit Your Solution for Validation

    Once you've developed and tested your integration, validating your solution helps ensure your integration is ready for prospective clients. This Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement validation indicates your solution is readily deployable with minimal cost and risk to a client.

For more information about IBM Watson Customer Engagement, please visit the following resources:

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