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Criteria and technical resources

Review the guidance and qualifying criteria for integration with each of the elements of the Power Systems Software™ stack. During the nomination step of the validation process you will identify those that your solution supports.

Criteria Resources
Solution is controlled by or interacts with IBM Systems Director.

Systems Director provides discovery, health monitoring, configuration, deployment, and updates for Power server and virtual environments. If your solution is able to be monitored and controlled by or interact with IBM Systems Director through its command line interface (CLI) or a "plug-in", it is eligible for this validation.
IBM Systems Director product page

Criteria Resources
Solution functions in an environment with dynamic processor speeds and can be deployed using IBM Active Energy Manager.

Active Energy Manager enables clients to manage electrical power usage at a system level or across multiple servers including blades in an IBM BladeCenter® chassis. This is accomplished by reducing the voltage or frequency, or both, of the IBM POWER® processors. If your solution is able to function in an environment with dynamic processor speeds, it is eligible for this validation.
Extensions: Active Energy Manager
Find information and get a trial download.

Criteria Resources
Solution operates in an AIX® 6 Trusted Execution Environment and deploys using IBM Secure Perspective.

If your solution works with Role Based Access Control (RBAC) or an encrypted file system, it is eligible for this validation. For most applications, this is as simple as supporting IBM i 6.1 or AIX 6.1.
IBM Redbook: AIX V6 Advanced Security Features Introduction and Configuration
See Chapter 3. Role Based Access Control.

Understanding EFS

IBM Secure Perspective product page

Criteria Resources
Solution deploys as part of an IBM PowerHA® (IBM PowerHA for AIX, IBM PowerHA for i) solution.

If your solution can be deployed as part of an IBM PowerHA solution, it is eligible for this validation. For ISVs validating a solution on AIX, this includes testing your solution with PowerHA or providing failover template scripts for use with your application. For ISVs with a solution on IBM i, this includes support of independent auxiliary storage pools (IASPs) and testing with either PowerHA or iCluster software.
Independent auxiliary storage pools (IASPs)

IBM PowerHA product page

Criteria Resources
Solution integration involves IBM PowerVM® virtualization technologies:

AIX 6 Live Application Mobility enables you to move a running workload partition from one logical partition to another on the same or different servers. Because this is an AIX-based technology, it will work on any Power System that AIX 6 supports.

AIX 6 Workload Partitions (WPARs) enables the partitioning of AIX 6 into multiple environments, each hosting applications and providing isolation from applications executing in the other environments.

PowerVM Live Partition Mobility enables you to migrate running AIX and Linux® partitions and their hosted applications from one physical server* to another without disrupting infrastructure services. The migration transfers the entire partition state, including processor context, memory, attached virtual devices, and connected users. * Requires a POWER6 processor-based server

PowerVM Lx86 (Linux only) brings new benefits to customers and application providers who want the reliability and flexibility of Power Systems in their Linux environment, yet use applications that have not yet been ported to the platform. IBM PowerVM Lx86 allows most Linux x86 binaries to run unchanged on POWER systems using translation software that translates x86.

VIOS Recognized is for systems and storage management or security ISVs who need to deploy agents into the VIOS partition. Access into this validation path is strictly managed. For additional details regarding the parameters of this offering, please contact your IBM technology manager.

VIOS Virtual Storage indicates that an independent hardware vendor has tested their storage offering with the VIOS Server.
IBM Systems technical library
Find additional information on Live Application Mobility.

Live Application Mobility in AIX 6.1
Read how and when to use Live Application Mobility and how to configure a system and its applications to run it.

IBM Redbook: Introduction to Workload Partition Management in IBM AIX Version 6.1.
Explore Workload Partitions (WPARs).

AIX support and services
Find ISV-specific information on supporting WPARs.

IBM Redbook: IBM PowerVM Live Partition Mobility

POWER Systems Live Partition Mobility (PDF, 1.48MB)

IBM Redbook: Getting Started with PowerVM Lx86
Learn the planning and installation choices as well as hints and tips to bring the most value to the IBM PowerVM Lx86 solution.

Virtual I/O Server
See technical information for VIOS.

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