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"Ready for IBM..." mark usage guidelines

After you earn the right to use a technical validation mark, use these guidelines to help you apply the marks effectively and coherently. Share the guidelines with the individuals and creative agencies responsible for applying "Ready for IBM..." marks to materials being developed to promote your offering.

New! Read about the new technical validation mark design.

What the marks mean

"Ready for IBM..." marks can help you identify and promote your software, hardware, services, content, or technology solution as a qualified offering that has met compatibility and integration specifications established by IBM.

What the marks do not mean

The marks do not:

When you can use the marks

We encourage you to use the marks in any materials that you develop to promote the qualified offering's features or performance.

Where you can use the marks

Use the marks in situations where it is an advantage for your customers to know that your offering is compatible or integrates with IBM offerings. These situations could include your advertising, sales collateral, events and exhibits, packaging, and your website.

Following these guidelines should make it possible for you to keep your qualified offering in the foreground of customers' perceptions, while leveraging the positive benefits of association with IBM.

It is also possible that the validation of your offering may qualify you to use more than one of the "Ready for IBM..." marks.

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