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Validated Cloud Orchestrator solutions

Integrated with IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Integrate your software and hardware solutions with IBM Cloud Orchestrator to participate in the speed and service delivery for public, private, and hybrid clouds. Based on open standards, Cloud Orchestrator can transform an IT department into a self-service catalog with cloud management software. By providing a ready-to-use pattern or content pack, your offering can be automatically configured, provisioned, or deployed by Cloud Orchestrator, reducing the number of manual steps needed to build or adjust a solution infrastructure.

As an IBM Business Partner, you can integrate with IBM Cloud Orchestrator by preparing a ready-to-use pattern or content pack. You can further benefit from the exposure your solution receives by listing your integration in the ISM Library and IBM Cloud Marketplace.

Use the following resources to guide and assist you in preparing your pattern, content pack, or other integration.

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Validated Business Partner solutions

Product information

Reference the following for information on IBM Cloud Orchestrator.

Access software

Using the IBM Software Access Catalog, IBM Business Partners can download the latest versions of IBM software products for demonstration, evaluation, development, and testing in accordance with the terms of the PartnerWorld Software Usage Attachment.

Integration information

Use the following resources for information and guidance in preparing your pattern, content pack, or other integration.

Integration assistance

Reference the following for assistance while preparing your solution integration.

Integration verification

Use the following resources to validate and verify your solution integration.

Market your content pack and cloud solution

When your content pack or integration is complete, add it to the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

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