Overview of ‘Ready for’

Test your products against pre-established criteria to demonstrate compatibility with certain IBM offerings. Receive development and integration assistance during the validation process. Gain valuable exposure to IBM Business Partners from a variety of IBM PartnerWorld offerings and websites.

Earn the right to display specially designed IBM marks in the packaging and marketing materials of your qualified offerings. These licensed marks can help you identify and promote your software, hardware, services, or technology solution as a qualified offering that has met compatibility and integration specifications established by IBM.

The "Ready for" mark is used as a stand-alone achievement. It cannot be combined with other Ready for achievements, or other competencies, authorizations, and awards in a single mark, or used in a signature position or as an IBM relationship mark in a communication. The "Ready for" mark must be positioned near the information detailing the solution.

NEWS! The Business Partner mark for 2017 has a new design and reflect the new membership levels. Be prepared to download the updated Ready for marks starting in January.

Discover the value of using the IBM Business Partner mark

Sample marks

Ready for IBM Watson IoT  

Ready for Social Business


IBM Application Advantage™ for Linux (Chiphopper™)

Spotlight that your solution is ported and enabled for Linux on IBM Systems. (Note: no Business Partner mark is available)

Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure

Demonstrate your solution compatibility with the IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure software solution portfolio and your commitment with IBM to help customers identify and implement integrated cloud and smarter infrastructure applications and solutions.

Ready for IBM Power Systems Software

Demonstrate and validate the integration between your solutions and the IBM Power Systems software stack.

Ready for IBM Security Intelligence

Validate your solution and gain access to customers seeking solutions with IBM Security software and systems delivery offerings.

Ready for IBM Commerce

Show your customers that your solution meets key IBM Commerce integration standards.

Ready for IBM Social Business

Demonstrate the value of your solution integrated with social business by validating with IBM Social Business offerings and by spotlighting your solution in the Global Solutions Directory.

Ready for IBM Watson IoT

Connect your technology in an open, scalable, inter-operable and secure manner to the IBM Watson IoT Platform.

Ready for IBM Cloud

Accelerate the pace of business - let your clients know the value of your cloud solutions which are validated on IBM technology.