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IBM Global Financing 90-day no charge deferral sales play

Power Systems™ hardware


In addition to our competitive rates, now you can offer your clients a 90-day no charge deferral for Power (i and p) Systems hardware available in the United States and Canada.

IBM Power Systems™ brand along with IBM Global Financing are jointly sponsoring this no charge 90-day deferral sales play on new IBM Power hardware machines, followed by Financing Advantage rates for deals from USD5K through USD500K. Clients can get the IBM hardware they need at today's rates without having to make a payment until the end of the no cost 90-day deferral period.

Client benefits


IBM Global Financing fee plan:

Eligible products

This offer is extended to eligible IBM hardware products under 36 month Fair Market Value (FMV) lease options.

This is a Rapid Financing (RF) supported offering with TC Name DEFR. Accompanying operating system software must be special bid.

Rapid Financing users:
Select the financing type of why pay today? Free 3 month deferral
Ensure it's a 36 month term with a 3 month deferral.

Request for POWER operating system software:
RF users must use 'Other Financing' and request POWER® operating system software using mach 9HB1/PSB (United States and Canada).
The Deal Origination Team (DOT) will route the deal to the appropriate IBM Global Financing Business Partner FSE for special handling.
The transaction will pend to special bid for special pricing.

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