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Refurbished equipment and asset buyback

Key offerings to meet client price points and establish an IBM footprint.

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services

Watch a new video that highlights the key role used equipment plays in a sustainable IT management strategy.

IBM Global Financing, through IBM Global Asset Recovery Services, provides two powerful capabilities that can help Business Partners win more often - and in some cases gain an IBM footprint - in competitive situations.

As a Business Partner, both pre-owned equipment and asset buyback can be the keys to securing a win or helping improve your business case. Your clients will value these options, which can help them move to later technology to address today's business challenges despite current economic or budget challenges. And they and you will have the comfort and peace of mind you can only get by doing buisness with IBM.

To learn more about IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment and asset buyback, contact your IBM Global Financing representative.

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