About this benefit

IBM Cloud service credits enable Business Partners to use, learn and build IBM Cloud infrastructure and platform skills and solutions.

IBM Cloud

IBM’s unified Cloud platform helps you take your ideas to production and solve real problems! IBM Cloud expands beyond PaaS combining infrastructure, applications and services for enterprises to create value faster and is the leading cognitive platform with solutions and toolsets customized by industry.

Build with access to more than 130 industry-leading Cloud services including Watson, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, advanced data analytics, and cyber security.

Instructions to request benefit:

  1. Review the terms below
  2. To claim IBM Cloud service credits, your company needs to have a IBM Cloud Infrastructure or PAYGO account. When you create an IBM Cloud account, you must also accept the IBM Cloud Agreement, Terms of Use and Service Descriptions. To take advantage of Infrastructure and Platform applications, the IBM Cloud account should be linked/integrated.

    No IBM Cloud PAYGO or SoftLayer account

    Indicate you do not have an IBM Cloud account in the request document and an account will be created for your firm.

    Existing IBM Cloud Lite account

    If you have an existing IBM Cloud Lite account, you will need to upgrade to PAYGO for full access to the IBM Cloud catalog. When upgrading or adding credit card, selected Currency MUST be USD ($) in order to receive any eligible IBM Cloud service credits. All other currencies are currently not supported to receive IBM Cloud service credits. 

    Existing IBM Cloud PAYGO account billed in USD ($)

    If you have an existing IBM Cloud PAYGO account, please include the account number on the request form.

    Existing SoftLayer PAYGO account (IaaS only via control.softlayer.com)

    If you have an existing SoftLayer PAYGO account, to have a unified infrastructure and platform account, follow these instructions.

    * Do NOT use this step if you already have an existing IBM Cloud PAYGO account being billed under USD ($). Simply submit request form.

    Accounts not linked?

    If you have an existing IBM Cloud (PaaS) account and a Softlayer (IaaS) account that have not been linked, and share the same IBMid for each account's mater user (SoftLayer) and account owner (IBM Cloud PAYGO), follow these instructions to link:

  4. Download this request document and submit your request by email for PartnerWorld IBM Cloud service credits.


Countries: Worldwide
Program level: Registered*, Silver, Gold, and Platinum
Registered: $1200 USD/ year*
Silver: $2400 USD/ year
Gold: $4200 USD/ year
Platinum: $6000 USD/ year


* PartnerWorld Registered Business Partners with a proven capability including a verified solution/service or a resell authorization.

Note: An Embedded Solution Agreement meets the verified solution capability requirement.


  • IBM Cloud service credits can only be claimed once by a Business Partner company for their individual Country Enterprise per year.
  • IBM Cloud service credits expire after 12 months.
  • In general, if you are participating in another IBM Cloud credits offering, e.g.,Global Entrepreneur Program, you should utilize the IBM Cloud credits via that program and may not also request this PartnerWorld benefit.
  • IBM Cloud Agreement, Terms of Use and Service Descriptions.

Enablement resources

Additional resources

Technical Hosting Exchange for Cloud

Additionally, with IBM Cloud service credits benefit, you may qualify to gain technical enablement and architectural support via the Technical Hosting Exchange for Cloud offering. This offering can provide you with assistance to deploy a new or existing workload on IBM Cloud.

Optionally submit request for the IBM Business Partner Solution Hub for Cloud offering.

  • In Center information section
    • If located in Asia Pacific/Hong Kong/Japan/Taiwan, Europe or Middle East/Africa, select the “Nice” location for Preferred IBM Business Partner Solution Hub. If located in Latin America or North America, select the “Dallas” location for Preferred IBM Business Partner Solution Hub.
    • Select “Remote Engagement” for the Engagement Request Type.
    • Select “Technical Hosting Exchange” for Cloud for Desired activities.
  • Fill in the Company solution information section.
  • You may skip the Hardware needed and Software needed sections of form.
  • Select “IBM Cloud" for Initiatives included field.
  • Read the IBM Business Partner Solution Hub access and usage agreement and click the “I agree” button to submit.