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Business Need

IBM DevOps is an approach that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development, and IT operations. It is an enterprise capability that enables continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring of applications. It incorporates customer feedback in the development process to facilitate rapid responses to errors and enhancements. Development and operations, and even testing, were often siloed in the past. IBM DevOps brings them together to improve agility.

Why IBM DevOps

Continuous testing

DevOps systems have built-in checks and balances to ensure that the result is as stable and reliable as possible.

Continuous delivery

DevOps enables innovation by automating software delivery processes and eliminating wasted effort, all the while helping to manage regulatory restrictions.

Continuous monitoring

DevOps helps ensure operational excellence by continuously monitoring application status and performance for high availability and fast recovery.

Continuous testing

Software testing teams want to test smarter, but how? By combining service virtualization to mimic unavailable systems with test automation, software development teams can start testing earlier or “shift left.” This also means they can provide immediate feedback to development so issues can be resolved earlier when they are less costly to fix.

IBM® Rational® Test Virtualization Server

IBM® Rational® Test Virtualization Server enables you to test software earlier and more frequently in the development lifecycle. Use IBM Rational Test Virtualization.

IBM Rational Test Workbench

The Rational Test Workbench starter edition enables you to runn the Rational Test Workbench suite, at no cost. From the user interface level, down to the APIs that power your systems, along with the performance delivered by those systems, the starter editions allow you to test your applications from top to bottom.

Continuous delivery

IBM continuous delivery solutions provide superior build management, deployment automation, release planning, and environment management capabilities that enable organizations to reduce risk, achieve faster time to market, and improve productivity.


The basics

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Drive demand and build pipeline with IBM DevOps