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We are pleased to announce a new incentive plan for IBM Business Partners -- one that enables you to earn a reward for each qualified CSP/MSP Storage and SDI Systems client you refer. Available through the Know Your IBM (KYI) offering in participating countries, individuals can earn KYI points worth up to $3,000 USD for each new reference submitted through the IBM Business Partner client reference process and published as a case study.

Success stories are the ultimate proof, not only of a Business Partner’s competence in understanding your customers’ business needs and ability in deploying. Storage solutions, but also for gaining credibility for the Storage solution itself. Use your professionally designed reference collateral with your customers to build trust and buy-in for new business.


  • Submit a verified and validated Storage and SDI Systems client reference, approved for external use and publication.
  • Collaborate with the IBM team to complete the case study.


  • Earn up to $3,000 USD worth of KYI points for each qualifying client reference that is published for public use.
  • Acquire a professionally developed case study demonstrating the high-value solution of the CSP/MSP that can be used for your own marketing purposes. If the firm did not self-nominate, the nominating Business Partner who participated in the sales effort will also be promoted.

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