Choosing IBM Cloud provides you with the most advanced data and cognitive capabilities on the planet by enabling you and your clients to invent how you want, not how your platform dictates. You are free to work your way, and free to adapt, by allowing you to keep control over owning your data and your uniqueness, so that you monetize them.

IBM Cloud Private: The only solution to fully support a customer’s hybrid and multi-cloud transformation. We finally have a clear path for our clients to transform their middleware and application landscape into cloud. And not just any cloud -- IBM Cloud.


Cloud capabilities and solutions available for you and your clients.

IBM Cloud

Cloud Private

Fast, Flexible, Intelligent, Open.

Cloud Public

Hybrid platform that harnesses the power of the Cloud to transform business.

Hybrid Integration

Solutions which enable you to implement new technologies and approaches to connect your ecosystems in ways never thought possible.

Application Platform

Hybrid platform that harnesses the power of the Cloud to transform business. Brings together infrastructure & platform services from both IBM and 3rd parties.

High Speed Data Transfer (Aspera)

Enables clients to move, share, and synchronize the largest files and data sets quickly and securely, regardless of data type, distance, or network conditions.

Object Storage (Cleversafe)

Cloud Object Storage is the optimal way to store, manage, and protect unstructured data when in applications where we share pictures, videos, audio, etc.

Digital Process Automation (formerly BPM)

Do more with less by automating, augmenting or enhancing all of your critical processes and business decisions.

Streaming Video (Clearleap, DevOps Ustream)

Combine robust video functionality with premium solutions, rich insights and unmatched analytics.


Develop and deploy with speed. DevOps tools for continuous integration and delivery backed by enterprise-grade operations management resources for resiliency — all included

IT Service Management

Solutions which help keep applications and services running flawlessly at all times.


Key resources to help you establish and grow your cloud business.

Co-Marketing is available for IBM Software and Bluemix eligible IBM Business Partners.

Campaigns, Sales Plays and Sales Kits available for our IBM Cloud priority solutions by cloud capability.

Training, certification and competencies provide high-value capabilities to differentiate your solutions and services.

Incentives and promotions are available to help you close both on-premise and SaaS deals with your clients.

Business models

Choose the business model that is right for you and provide your clients with choice and flexibility of hosted, on-premises, or hybrid models.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service

Future-proof your success without impacting your current business model, so you can quickly and safely build a cloud business plan and expertise, cultivate new services & IP from your unique value-adds.

Sales Assistance

Identify the opportunity, convince the client to buy; with IBM assistance and utilize the IBM Referral Incentive for Software and SaaS.


Identify the opportunity, convince the client to buy without IBM involvement and utilize our SaaS Reseller Incentives.


Embed IBM software, IBM as-a-service offerings and/or IBM developer tools, in your pre-existing solution and retail this innovative solution, utilizing Embedded Solution Agreement.

Stay connected

Stay connected

Target clients to maximize your earning potential through expanded revenue streams -- exclusive to Business Partner coverage. Access and leverage top sales and marketing plays, offering information, campaigns, prospecting assistance, product mappings, and key industry assets.