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Q: Can any IBM PartnerWorld member submit a nomination regardless of member level?
A: Yes. The Beacon Awards are open to any PartnerWorld member level Registered, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Q: May I nominate my company for multiple Beacon Awards?
A: Yes. There is no limit to how many nominations a Business Partner may submit. However, each nomination requires a DIFFERENT client reference. Business Partners submitting multiple nominations using the same client reference will be asked to choose the one nomination they would like to use and the others will be disqualified.

Client references

Find out all the details on what is required for client references.

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Q: Do I need to have a client reference for my nomination to be considered for judging?
A: Yes. All nominations must include at least one client reference. The reference acts as a demonstration of your nominated solution in action. A nomination with two or three client references may be judged of greater value than a comparable nomination with a single client reference.

Q: Does my client reference need to be publicly referenceable?
A: Your client must agree to be a reference for IBM. If your client is not willing to be contacted by IBM with a request to be used in a reference situation, please do not use them. Also, please ensure there is no agreement in place which prohibits the disclosure of submitted information (e.g. considered a trade secret or prohibited by a Nondisclosure agreement).

EXCEPTIONS: For the Outstanding Security Solution the reference you submit will not be shared publicly outside of IBM or internally within IBM beyond the judging team.

Q. What are the requirements for a client reference?
A. A reference submitted for the IBM Beacon Awards must meet the same criteria as any other reference. These include:

  • IBM Business Partner solutions must be implemented AFTER September 11th, 2017 in order to be nominated for an IBM Beacon Award.
  • The client solution used in the implementation includes currently supported IBM products and/or services.
  • The client has agreed to be a reference for IBM and there is no agreement in place which prohibits the entry of the data (e.g., considered a trade secret or prohibited by a Nondisclosure Agreement - NDA).
  • No personal data for clients is entered into the database to prevent potential infringement of data privacy law.
  • Your agreement to be the primary contact providing details necessary to publish this reference and approve the use of this reference.
  • Your willingness to share additional information with IBM sellers and other IBM Business Partners regarding the engagement and respond to requests to speak with the client.

Nomination process

Complete details on the nomination process and deadlines.

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Q: What is the nomination deadline?
A: Tuesday, November 13 at 5:00 p.m. EST (New York)

Q: What is the best way to complete the Beacon Award nomination process?
A: There are four steps to submitting a nomination: Step 1: Select your award. Step 2: Fill out the nomination form. Step 3. Complete the client reference form. Step 4: Submit your nomination.

Q: Can I edit my nomination form?
A: You can edit a "Draft" nomination as much as needed, but once you submit it, you can no longer make changes. Please remember to submit your draft nomination before the deadline (November 13) or else the nomination will not be marked complete and will not be considered for judging.

Q: I have created a draft nomination that I would like to delete. Can I delete it myself?
A: Yes. As long as it is still in draft form. Simply go to your "Work on my nominations" page and delete it. However, you cannot delete a submitted nomination.

Q: How do I know if my award nomination has been submitted properly?
A: You will receive a confirmation email that your nomination has been submitted. You can also view your submitted nominations at any time using the "Work on my nominations" link available on the Beacon Awards nomination website.

Q: How will I know if I have won a Beacon Award? When will I be notified if I have won?
A: At the conclusion of the judging process, you will receive an official email notifying you of your selection as a winner or finalist. One winner and two finalists will be selected for each award by a panel of judges who are experts in their fields. We expect notifications to go out in early January 2019.

Q: If I am a Beacon Award Winner or Finalist can other country enterprises, in our worldwide organization, use the Beacon Award Mark?
A: Yes. All country enterprises associated with your worldwide enterprise are eligible to use the Beacon Award Mark. However, they must follow the usage guidelines outlined on the IBM PartnerWorld website.

Beacon Laureate Award

Detailed information on this award.

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Q: What is the Beacon Laureate Award?
A: The IBM Beacon Laureate Award recognizes Business Partners who have consistently demonstrated exemplary achievement in a Beacon Award category year over year. Business Partners cannot nominate themselves for a Beacon Laureate Award. Winners are determined by their current and past success as a Beacon Award Winner/Finalist and selected by IBM.

Help and additional resources

Contact information if you need help.

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Q: How do I get technical help with my nomination?
A: Please send an email to beacons@us.ibm.com and someone will contact you.

Q: Who can I contact if I have any questions about submitting my client reference?
A: Please send an email to beacons@us.ibm.com and someone will contact you.