Outstanding Watson Internet of Things Solution

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This award recognizes an outstanding IBM Business Partner that most effectively delivers a Watson Internet of Things solution that empowers users to transform their job roles or industries and create business impact.

The winning solution would have delivered compelling businness results in one or more of the following use cases:

  • Boost operational performance
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Lead industry transformation
  • Scale institutional expertise
  • Drive environmental leadership
  • Extra consideration will be given to solutions that are in the cloud

What we look for in the winning solution:

  • Integrates product(s) from the IBM Watson Internet of Things portfolio with Business Partner-developed solution capabilities
  • Provides clear descriptions of how the solution utilizes IBM Watson Internet of Things technology to drive business outcomes.
  • Includes demonstrable, proven components or assets which can be applied to deliver repeatable business value.

Additional criteria

  • Minimum of 1 (maximum of 3) client references required.
Beacon Laureate Award

Beacon Laureate Award

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