Digital Marketing Excellence Award

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This award is for the IBM Business Partner who has demonstrated their ability to generate opportunities with new or existing clients by:

  • Executing multi-touch integrated campaigns, including social and digital tactics, such as:
    • Being visible on the web where your target audience looks for information
    • Ensuring your website is strong, clear, current and search-optimized (and that you have the ability to capture prospects)
    • Using social media properties to blog, tweet and post client offers
    • Investing in web banners or paid media/search
  • Focusing campaigns on the Business Partner's high-value solution that includes IBM content.
  • Using IBM marketing materials, campaigns, tools and/or approved marketing agency assistance

Additional criteria

  • A client reference is not required for this award.
  • Documentation of a successfully executed integrated marketing campaign that incorporates digital tactics must be included on the nomination form's Marketing Campaign Summary template
  • Success is measured by the impact of all aspects of the digital funnel/campaign (eg, web visits, lead responses), plus the value of the resulting validated sales leads (Win Revenue) as documented on the nomination form and in the IBM Global Partner Portal. All validated campaign leads must be entered into IBM's Global Partner Portal for review by the Beacon Award judges.
  • Business Partners must submit their own nominations.
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