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IBM Application Specific Licensing (ASL)

Your solution. Your customer. Your profit
Software with built-in confidence.
IBM Application-Specific Licensing

The world continues to get "smaller" and "flatter." But something else is happening that holds fresh potential: The planet is becoming smarter — more instrumented more interconnected and more intelligent.

The technology is here. Your customers are ready. The time is now.

Delivering a total solution to the companies that count on you to help them thrive makes good business sense for you and for your customers. By bundling IBM® software into your solution, you provide your customers with all the software necessary to deploy, run and manage your application. IBM Application-Specific Licensing (ASL) provides you the vehicle to deliver your solution bundled with IBM software under one contract, to customers anywhere in the world* at a fixed price, and supported end-to-end by your organization.

* Certain countries may be excluded based on IBM's exclusive distribution arrangements.

Why ASL?

Why IBM Software?

Increase your solution value and market reach by integrating and licensing IBM middleware along with your own solutions. Integrate it...Bundle it...Sell it...All as part of a single solution to your customer. One contract. One face to your customer. One agreement that allows you to ship the IBM software as part of your solution to your customers around the world.

What will be in your solution?

As an ASL IBM Business Partner, you can bundle your solution with proven industry-leading IBM products that are based on open standards. The IBM software portfolio focuses on delivering solutions that meet your unique business needs now and into the future.

IBM software helps clients build the capabilities to transform their industries and, ultimately, the world. What’s your vision for your organization? Your industry? Your world? Getting the right software will be important. Because on a Smarter Planet, software matters.

Getting started with ASL

If you would like to learn more about Application-Specific Licensing from IBM, contact your IBM account manager, your ASL authorized distributor or visit Getting started with ASL/OEM.

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