Published on 19 Jun 2015 

Currently all Sizing Guides recommend System x or Power System hardware based on workload characteristics. Sizing Guides are now enabled to recommend IBM PureFlex hardware using a new IBM Systems Workload Estimator (WLE) feature to resize default system recommendation to IBM PureFlex.

Following steps show how a default system recommendation can be converted to IBM PureFlex Systems hardware recommendation.

Step 1 - Default System Recommendation

A sample two tier application which includes Database and Application Server (AppServer). In two tiers, Database is deployed on Power System and Application Server on System x.

Questionnaire Page

Step 2 - Option to convert Default System to IBM PureFlex System Recommendation

The default recommendation can be converted IBM PureFlex using option “Resize to PureFlex”.

Default System Recommendation

Step 3 - IBM PureFlex System Recommendation

Two different Compute ITE are recommended for Database and Application Tier in same Chassis group. It also has Management node in Chassis Group. Chassis information also indicates number of half wide slots filled with given Compute ITEs .

Option to convert Default System to  IBM PureSystems / Flex Recommendation

Step – 4A: IBM PureFlex System Recommendation – Database and Appserver Compute ITE

Detailed Information regarding a specific system can be found by clicking on the System name (Refer previous figure).

IBM PureSystems / Flex Recommendation

Database Tier

IBM PureSystems / Flex Recommendation

Application Tier

Step – 5: IBM PureFlex System Recommendation – Chassis Information and PDF file

The below chassis data is shown on the recommendation page

IBM PureSystems / Flex Recommendation

WLE has the option to save recommendation in PDF and hence the attached PDF file would have IBM PureFlex hardware recommendation for the given sample two tier application.

IBM PureSystems / Flex Recommendation