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Know Your IBM

About this resource

Know Your IBM (KYI) is a learning portal designed to drive individual skills growth through various motivational and learning management techniques. Our objective is to assist you with building your skills around IBM's infrastructure and solution portfolio to make you an even more essential resource for your customer. And, of course, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts along the way.

"KYI is a great way to discover all of the resources available to business partners. It can help everyone perfect their product knowledge and provide the highest quality of service, from the sales force to engineers to customer service representatives."
-Partner from France

When you join KYI you will have access to:

“This program has helped me to drive success and keeps me in touch of all the exciting new technology. When you discuss technical solutions with your customer or talking of Return Of Investment , knowledge could be the difference between selling success or not.”
- Partner from Sweden

What are you waiting for? Join KYI today and start earning great Rewards yourself!

KYI makes it easy to learn, earn and maximize your potential. Our education is conveniently available 24/7 online, so you can complete them on your own schedule. They’re designed to help you sell more by boosting your understanding of IBM products and solutions through customized tracks. Keep up to speed with IBM anytime, anywhere.

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How to get started

Participating in Know Your IBM is easy. First, sign up for PartnerWorld to secure a PartnerWorld ID and password. For details on how to register into PartnerWorld.

Take a moment to make sure that your new IBM ID is tied to your existing company’s profile. Next, ensure your company has signed the KYI Attachment, which grants us permission to reward you directly. Ensure your firm is active in either Partner Growth Incentive, or is a Specialty partner. Then you’ll be ready to start earning valuable Rewards! We look forward to welcoming you into this essential offering. Good learning, good earning!

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