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Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure

Top 10 for Business Partners update

Tivoli Top 10 update For IBM Business Partners. IBM
Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure
Top 10 Update
For IBM Business Partners

Welcome to the September 2013 Tivoli top 10. This is not a newsletter! It's a short monthly list of the top 10 Tivoli resources to help you succeed. An IBM PartnerWorld ID and password are required to access these resources.

3Q/4Q Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Sales Plays

Top 10 #1 -- Available on PartnerWorld

New and refreshed Sales Plays for Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure are available on PartnerWorld. Find the details on these plays, including:

New Storage Selling & Progression Tools

Top 10 #2 – Latest storage newsletter & progression kit now available!

The new Storage Quarterly Newsletter(PDF, 761KB) is available help you identify and close more business by delivering more targeted and strategic content. Get the latest updates on product announcements, upcoming events and educational initiatives.

In addition, the Q3 Storage Progression Toolkit can help you build, progress and close business. You will find all of the available tools and assets packaged together to help you progress your identified and validated opportunities to the next sales stage and on to close.

Also, use IBM Smarter Storage Software References to close business! Show your prospects how IBM helps its customers succeed. Download the new IBM Smarter Storage Software Reference Package to access over 30 customer references, case studies and videos.

For more benefits, resources and support for IBM Business Partners, visit the Tivoli Knowledge Center in PartnerWorld

Special Offer: IBM Endpoint Manager for Patch & Power Management

Top 10 #3 – Only $5 per Endpoint!

Organizations today still struggle with maintaining the software on their laptops and desktops in a fully automated, cost-effective way. Lowering the energy consumption of these devices can offset some of these costs by $20-$50 each per year, but must be coordinated with software update activities.

With IBM Endpoint Manager, you can help your clients achieve software update first-pass success rates of more than 98% across Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, and even virtual desktops, all while maximizing computer downtime to lower electricity bills. For a limited time, these capabilities are available at a very reduced price to help clients further reduce operational cost:

IBM Endpoint Manager for Patch Management: $5 / client device
IBM Endpoint Manager for Power Management: $5 / client device

Find more details and help save your clients money in 2013!

Make more money with the new Virtualization Optimization Business Partner incentive

Top 10 #4 – Maximize client's investment in virtualization & earn an incentive!

This promotion allows Business Partners to earn an additional incentive for selling eligible IBM Tivoli Automation products along with eligible IBM Tivoli Storage products as part of a Virtualization Optimization solution. Virtualization Optimization helps organizations maximize the ROI of their virtualized investment by reducing management costs, decreasing deployment time, and increasing visibility into performance to ensure availability. Virtualization Optimization provides the delivery flexibility and choice organizations need to evolve an existing virtualized infrastructure to cloud, accelerate the adoption with integrated systems and gain immediate access to managed services at a lower cost.

For more details on the incentive, read the Virtualization Optimization Business Partner incentive announcement letter.

For a Virtualization Optimization overview, watch the short Maximize Investments in Virtualization with Greater ROI video.(link resides outside of

To learn more about the Virtualization Optimization solution, review the Virtualization cost and complexity reduction sales play in PartnerWorld.

Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Talk: The cloud story

Top 10 # 5- Listen to replay and learn more about Cloud!

Cloud is one of the fastest growing markets today. The estimated market size is approximately 1 Billion USD and growing year to year at an approximate rate of 20%. New technologies are driving the future of IT. Customers continue to face unparalleled rates of change as they deploy new and innovative technologies to drive business outcomes. Do not miss out on this opportunity!

This session will provide an introduction to the Cloud story for Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure. Listen to the replay from September 4th & access the presentation materials.

Webcast: Asset Management product update for 2nd half success

Top 10 #6 - Get the latest from Asset & Facilities Management

Join leaders from the Product Management team to learn about new offerings coming available in 2nd Half, including: Maximo Scheduler, Transportation Industry Solution and Asset Configuration Manager, TRIRIGA, and Mobile.

The international calling numbers, presentation and replay will be available on PartnerWorld.

Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure talk: Virtualization optimization

Top 10 # 7- Learn more about how to help clients manage virtualized environments with IBM

IT is drawn to the promise of saving money, improving efficiency and control, in addition to getting more out of what they already have. However, as enterprises mature their virtualization to higher-value stages of Cloud, having Cloud Management tools is critical to their success. As Gartner said, "Virtualization without Service Management is even more dangerous than not virtualizing in the first place."

You can use the Virtualization Optimization solution to help your customers tackle the challenges of managing virtualized environments, to gain greater benefits from their existing investments and establish the foundation to accelerate service delivery with a workload-optimized cloud. This session will explain the key entry points you can use to seed and grow to the full solution.

Join us on September 11 or for the replay. The international calling numbers, presentation and replay are available on PartnerWorld.

New Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure campaigns!

Top 10 #8 – Leverage these new marketing materials

We have several new campaigns which provide multi-touch e-mails, compelling offers and more. These along with other existing campaigns are available at no charge on the Co-Marketing Center. The email marketing campaign consists of 3-4 email touches, each one promoting a different offer to help prospects learn more and engage with the solutions. Latest campaigns include:

The campaign guide, email templates, and offers are all available on the IBM Co-Marketing Center, choose Create & Design, and search with keywords above.

New Service Management and Cloud

Top 10 #9 - IBM Tivoli Network Manager 4.1

The newest release of IBM Tivoli Network Manager shipped on August 23, 2013. Your Telecommunications customers will be interested in our new Optical RAN capabilities and our new multi-domain visualization. This C&SI Straight Talk provides an overview on the IBM Tivoli Network Manager product, highlighting the new functionality being added in 4.1 and covers the quality and performance enhancements added to the product.

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

Top 10 #10 - The Next Generation of IT asset and service management solution - IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

Organizations are investing to optimize increasingly complex, dynamic business infrastructures to sustain delivery of business value. Traditional manual processes cannot keep up with the velocity of changes and schedules must be aligned across IT and operational lines of businesses. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk is a comprehensive unified IT Service Management solution that you can sell today to holistically control complex service management processes. With multiple delivery models from on-premise to SaaS, you can sell IBM SmartCloud Control Desk to customers of all sizes!

Come hear more about this highly scalable and extremely competitive product on September 19th at 10am EST!

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