ISVs can use the Solaris solution to Linux for IBM z Systems mainframe server platforms roadmap to determine the steps that they might need to review and execute in migrating their existing application from Solaris to Linux on the IBM z Systems mainframe server platform. See more solution roadmaps for porting, migrating and related tasks.

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Take advantage of the flexibility, total cost of ownership, reliability/availability/serviceability (RAS), and infrastructure simplification benefits of the IBM z Systems platform when porting your Solaris application to Linux on z Systems. This roadmap will give you plenty of advice and pointers to IBM programs and facilities to help you enable your application to Linux on z Systems. The term IBM z Systems refers to a computing infrastructure for the mobile generation and the new app economy. Designed to exploit the mobile transaction explosion, z Systems apply in-transaction analytics and offer the most secure, trusted service delivery - all while transforming the efficiency and economics of IT.

Linux on z Systems, obtained through Linux distribution partners (LDPs) such as SUSE from Micro Focus International and Red Hat, is the same Linux code base as Linux on other hardware platforms. Customers running Linux on z Systems can fully utilize the capabilities of the z Systems servers to run multiple and mixed mission-critical and infrastructure workloads, concurrently providing the well-known mainframe strengths of:

Using this roadmap and enabling your product will help expand your application's marketplace to new customers who are using the z Systems servers. Your customers will automatically inherit z Systems hardware strengths, such as enhanced reliability and qualities of service. Your application running on z Systems combines the benefits of advanced IBM z/Architecture® technology with the economy of Linux to provide a total solution that can assist your customers in lowering their total cost of ownership (TCO) or in using an architecturally rich platform.

If you have any further questions about enabling your Solaris application for Linux on z Systems, send and e-mail to and put "Linux on z Systems" in the subject line.