This Enabling your IBM i solution on IBM i 6.1 - roadmap will help you develop, market and support your solutions on the IBM i 6.1 operating system. This roadmap delivers an overview of the new features and functions in IBM i 6.1. You can also review the entire list of roadmaps.

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Fastpath: Enabling your IBM i solution on IBM i 6.1.

  1. Learn what IBM i 6.1 has to offer:
    New i 6.1 enhancements
    IBM i 6.1 (i5/OS V6R1) takes a great step forward to set new standards for efficiency and resiliency in business processing. To help businesses thrive in competitive marketplaces, this release includes expanded options for virtualization, upgraded storage and availability management, breakthrough Java performance, new support for POWER6? processors and BladeCenter and a broad range of middleware and tools to help drive SOA transformation.
  2. Utilize IBM Resources to validate your solution on IBM i 6.1:
    Virtual Loaner Program
    Imagine on demand remote access to IBM servers running the latest versions of operating system with access to IBM software, all available to you at no charge. With IBM Virtual Loaner Program, you have that and more!
    IBM Innovation Centers for Business Partners
    These world-wide Innovation Centers provide Business Partners with on-site and remote access to a complete IBM Systems environment including hardware software, and dedicated IBM technical skills to help them port, migrate, test and optimize their applications for an on demand world.
  3. Let IBM and your customers know that you are supporting IBM i 6.1:
    Maximize your exposure in the Global Solutions
    The best ways to provide worldwide visibility for your solutions is to ensure they are entered in the Global Solutions Directory (GSD), IBM's primary online directory of Business Partner applications, tools and services.

Don't Get Stuck:

ISVs can submit questions regarding IBM i 6.1 by sending an e-mail to

IBM i is the primary operating system for the System i family of servers. Designed as an integrated operating system, IBM i operating system offers many built-in facilities not included in other operating environments. For example, i has an IBM DB2 Universal Database™ (IBM DB2 UDB®) relational database built into the operating system. i also integrates systems management, robust security, online transaction processing, networking capabilities, online help and much more. The integrated middleware stack of the i operating system simplifies application deployment and helps companies reduce operations costs.

IBM i also provides a robust and consistent base for ISV application innovation, and its unparalleled release-to-release compatibility helps companies preserve the investments made in their existing System i® solutions. Because of the IBM i history of compatibility with later versions, many solution providers will state support of the latest release of IBM i operating system at or shortly after its general availability. If you already support IBM i 6.1 and are interested in learning more about the System i marketing programs available, go to the Marketing tab of this roadmap. If you wish to test or validate your application with i 6.1 before stating support, continue with the Prepare tab of this roadmap.

In either case, after you are ready to state support of IBM i 6.1, make sure that you are taking advantage of the marketing and awareness vehicles described in the Marketing tab.