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New IBM PowerLinux solutions
Help your clients reduce cost with solutions that are more powerful than x86 Linux, more scalable than VMware, and more reliable than Microsoft Windows.
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Introducing a new family
of expert integrated systems
Built-in expertise, integration by design
and a simplified experience
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Getting started with IBM Systems Director
IBM Business Partner solution roadmap
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New IBM PowerLinux solutions
Introducing IBM PureSystems
Getting started with IBM Systems Director
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Why Linux - Find out about the ISV benefits for Linux®, the premier open source operating system for IBM Systems.

Solution Briefs

Migrate to Linux with IBM

There are many ways to come to Linux.

Migration to Linux® can save thousands in lower administrative, licensing and hardware costs. It's secure, reliable and efficient. Learn how the following migration opportunities can help you immediately maximize your return on investment.

IBM collaborates with Linux distributions

IBM works closely with Red Hat and Novell, and partners with a number of other Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Asianux, and Mandriva.

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