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Why IBM PureFlex System™ - IBM PureFlex System provides speed and flexibility for shorter deployment times, enabling clients to quickly and easily respond to business opportunities while helping reduce IT operational costs.

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  • arrow_img Important information about ordering IBM Flex System x86 Compute Nodes and IBM PureFlex System

    On June 17, 2014, IBM announced the withdrawal of all IBM Flex System x86 compute nodes from the CHW/AAS/eConfig ordering system effective on August 15, 2014.

    In addition to the withdrawals of the existing x86 nodes from CHW/AAS/eConfig IBM announced the re-release of the IBM Flex System x240 order-able in CHW/AAS/eConfig effective 8/12/14. This enables IBM to deliver IBM PureFlex and Flex System POWER and x86 Hybrid solutions after the transition of x86 assets to Lenovo. A client who wants x86 nodes other than the IBM Flex System x240 may acquire those from IBM ordered through HVEC/Xccelerator prior to business close or from their Business Partner through Lenovo after the transaction closes.

    This withdrawal announcement has no impact on the x86 fulfillment and ordering systems in place today and they continue business as usual until the transition to Lenovo. The full portfolio of x86 Flex System compute nodes continues to be available in HVEC/Xccelerator without disruption.

    IBM PureFlex System offered from IBM via CHW/AAS/eConfig has changed effective 8/26/14 from an automated process to an administered RPQ process using RPQ # 8A2208, and is available in a POWER only configuration or POWER with x240 configuration from CHW/AAS. In addition, IBM announced the IBM PureFlex System for x86 only configurations on 9/2/14 from HVEC/Xccelerator via x-config. These new x86 only PureFlex offerings are available now and will transition to Lenovo post closure.

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  • arrow_img September M5 product launch

    The new System x M5 platform incorporates industry-leading security innovations built-in with x86 industry standards from the Trusted Computing Group, NIST and other security standards, and Intel Xeon CPUs. Layered on top of the industry standard components are System x unique innovations. New for the M5 servers with the launch are:

    • Self Encrypting Drives + IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager - safe harbor for data privacy compliance; centralized encryption key management
    • TPM 2.0 (HW) -- Support for more encryption algorithms and Windows
    • Secure Firmware Rollback -- Prevention of unauthorized firmware update to previous authentic version

    With this announcement, IBM introduces the Flex System x240 M5 Compute Node. Efficient, yet powerful performer delivering the latest security advancements, optimized performance and mainstream virtualization for a broad range of enterprise workloads. The Flex System x240 M5 Compute Node offers up to 131% performance improvement over previous generation servers, delivering best in class balance of CPU memory, IO and storage and industry leading 2S memory capacity, up to 1.5 TB allowing for more VDI users per node. PCIe Flash Storage enables faster data access for data base applications and flexible storage configurations for handling diverse workloads: VDI, Cloud, Analytics, and more. The built-in security for superior protection against data compromise and malware attacks with TPM 2.0 features firmware and platform security enhancements, and the dual redundant mirrored hypervisor provides reliable solution and reduces need for local storage for OS mirroring.

    IBM is also announcing new solutions, including

    • IBM Flex System Solution for Oracle RAC
    • IBM Flex System Solution for Desktop Virtualization
    • IBM Flex System Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V
    • IBM Flex System EN4172-2port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter

  • arrow_img May 19th Flex and PureFlex Systems Product Launch
      IBM Flex System X6 Compute Node portfolio
    • New IBM Flex System X6 Compute Nodes including the two-socket x280 X6 the four-socket x480 X6 and the industry’s first eight-socket blade server using Intel® Xeon® processors, the x880 X6 can help you meet these challenges. Featuring exclusive IBM X-Architecture® innovations and the latest Xeon E7 v2 processors, IBM Flex System X6 Compute Nodes enable organizations to deliver greater performance, agility, and resiliency for database, cloud, business analytics, and ERP deployments. These offerings will help clients to realize the full potential of your business-critical applications with fast application performance, more virtual machines, , System agility, Integrated design, Leadership storage capacity and maximum resiliency.
      IBM PureFlex and Flex System Solutions
    • IBM Flex System Solution for SAP Business Suite provides the capability to consolidate your key SAP database and application server workloads into a single managed environment that offers nearly 100 percent performance improvement for SAP Business Suite applications when compared to previous generation systems
    • IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack is an easy to deploy and use cloud software offering based on the OpenStack community project with IBM enhancements. By running IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack on PureFlex System, IBM Flex System or System x servers, you get a self-service portal for workload provisioning, virtual image management, and monitoring to simplify your transition to a cloud-based, open standards infrastructure.
    • IBM PureFlex Solution for Parallels - MSP provides a low cost, quick to implement cloud management platform for managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver IaaS based services to their clients. The Parallels Business Automation Standard and Parallels Cloud Server virtualization platforms, combined with the expert integrated platform of IBM PureFlex System, delivers the competitive edge that MSPs need to amplify their presence in the cloud marketplace.
  • arrow_img New game - IBM Flex Frenzy
    IBM has created an exciting new game to highlight and educate on the IBM Flex System capabilities. This new game, Flex Frenzy will help clients learn more about IBM Flex System in a fun and engaging way. The game will showcase the flexibility, simplicity and ease of migration –– using this game we will bring to life the attributes of Flex System - and how it makes life easier for an IT manager. Business Partners can:
    1. Play the game by going to the PureFlex homepage
    2. Enjoy the game hosted on your own website through web content syndication (coming soon)
    3. Download the game from MAM Central
  • arrow_img Go to market with 2014 Sales Plays for PureFlex and Flex Systems that capitalize on Market Opportunity.

      Joint IBM and SAP in-memory computing appliance provides real-time analytics for grounsad-breaking, real-time decision-making, flexibility, agility and control for SAP application environments.
    • MSP Migration to Pureflex
      Simplify deployment and reduce complexity using systems integrated with expertise.

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