Use this roadmap to learn how to update your applications so that native I/O database access methods are replaced with SQL interfaces. You can also discover more roadmaps for related tasks.

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The SQL programming language and DB2® UDB are two modern tools available to help IBM® System i5™ programmers move along the iSeries Developer Roadmap and modernize their existing applications and toolsets. A vital, but often overlooked, component in the overall iSeries Developer Roadmap process is the modernization of the database. The database is the foundation of most applications, and as such, needs to be given equal consideration in this enhancement process. Without database modernization, applications would continue to use native I/O access methods and would not be able to take advantage of many new database features and enhancements that are only available through SQL interfaces.

The complete database modernization process is divided into three roadmaps. In the first roadmap, Modernizing DB2 Definitions and Usage, we cover the process of updating database definitions and usage. In the second roadmap, Modernizing Data Access with SQL, we focus on the conversion of your application's data access methods from native interfaces to SQL. In the third and final roadmap, Optimizing SQL Performance, we detail the process of optimizing database and SQL performance

The focus of this roadmap is the process of converting your application's access methods from native I/O to SQL. Why is it in your company's best interest to access data via SQL?

In this roadmap you will learn that DB2 UDB data can be accessed via SQL using a variety of techniques, and how these techniques give you the ability to implement modular programming constructs. You will see how stored procedures, triggers, and User Defined Functions can help you're-use existing code, making your applications more efficient and maintainable:

In addition, you will learn about the following programming interfaces for remote data access:

The integrated nature of UDB DB2 for System i5 gives developers the ability to mix and match SQL and Native database interfaces. This flexibility gives you the ability to gradually convert database access methods to SQL. SQL interfaces can be written when developing new modules or when making changes to existing ones. As a result, database modernization can occur at the desired pace of your company's IT staff. Although there is not a clear, step-by-step methodology for modernizing an application from a DB2 UDB perspective, this roadmap does act as a guide to help you in the process of redesigning and updating your IBM System i5 applications and toolsets so that the data is accessed with SQL.