This roadmap helps IBM i Web application developers create applications for PHP with Zend Core for i5/OS. It also can help PHP developers learn the intricacies and benefits of the IBM i platform for Web application development and deployment. You can also discover more roadmaps for related tasks.

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IBM® and Zend® announced a multiyear agreement to deliver selected Zend PHP products for i5/OS. Zend Core™ is a fully tested and enhanced version of the open source PHP runtime environment. It comes with database drivers, easy configuration and seamless installation. This allows porting to, development for, and integration with i5/OS®. IBM and Zend have enabled PHP applications to easily access DB2 Universal Database™ (DB2® UDB) data and take advantage of RPG and COBOL applications in i5/OS.

PHP (PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source HTTP server scripting language that enables very simple and fast Web application development. PHP is widely used for content management, customer relationship management, database access, e-commerce, forums, blogs, wikis, and other Web-based applications.

Zend Core for i5/OS provides developers with an easy to use, open, and integrated PHP application environment. The i5/OS operating system delivers enterprise reliability and scalability to PHP applications including a built in relational database, security, communication and networking capabilities, online help, Web enablement technologies, easy enterprise management, and much more.

With hundreds of thousands of customers, System i™ is a popular business system for small and medium businesses. IBM i customers are looking to reduce costs and enable business growth by taking advantage of new applications for their business.

IBM and Zend are delivering PHP capabilities on i5/OS for PHP Solution Providers who are looking to expand their market for with the help of an established partner and to develop applications on a secure, reliable, and scalable Web application deployment platform that can easily integrate PHP applications with DB2 and core business applications running on i5/OS.

IBM i offers the following capabilities for PHP:

IBM i has a loyal, very satisfied community that prefers to implement new solutions in i5/OS.