Added Business Values Solution are a set of components for different IBM Software that help our customer achieve the following:

  1. Reduce the time to market
  2. Reduce and ease the learning curve for the customer
  3. Direct the customer to adopt the best practice to use the IBM Software
  4. Reduce the cost of implementation

BVS Integration Services : Integrate your Hybrid Cloud using the IBM Integration Software suite. The internal integration using App connect, IIB, ODM, BPM, WSRR and Data Power. And externally using API connect

BVS Process Automation Services: Build up on your hybrid cloud by automating your processes within your departments using IBM FileNet, Case Manager, ODM and BPM. Reduce the storage of machine generated data with IBM CMOD. 

BVS Managed File Transfer Services: Build up on your hybrid cloud by automating and securing all of your file transfer services externally using IBM B2B Sterling File gateway and Sterling Secure Proxy, and internally using IBM Sterling Connect Direct and IBM Sterling Control Center.

Business information

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  • Functional details

    1. Build and manage IBM Solutions.
    2. Design and integrate cloud and cognitive services to Hybrid Clouds with intuitive integration.
    3. Build your content using WCM and establish an integration with your corporate data sources.
    4. Mix applications and web content into coherent user experience.
    5. Extend business to mobile devices. Efficiently develop, connect, run, and manage rich mobile applications that can access the full capabilities of your target devices.
    6. Integrate with other business solutions to help increase user productivity.
    7. Enable continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring of applications.

  • Business problem

    The business problem we face in selling IBM software is:

    1. The IBM software is not a straight forward sale
    2. It needs special skills for installation, configuration and implementation which are not usually available in the market.
    3. The cost of services from implementer is high and is considered an inhibitor to sell IBM SW.
    4. The customers normally won't be proficient to use the software.


  • Business opportunity

    Most of the customers in the market would love the idea of services and skill transfer sold at a very reasonable price that does not exceed the cost of the software. Compared to turnkey projects that the cost of software to implementations is over 3-1 ratio.

    This solution also help the account team to up-sell and cross-sell other software products in the same account.

    The solutions leave the customer satisfied with the implementation. 

  • Return on investment

    The return on Investment is breaking even after 3 projects. After that we are about 35% gross profit on subsequent projects.

  • Competitive advantage

    Added Business Values Solution is a services with software bundle that:

    • It reduces the cost of the implementation for our customers.
    • The bundle of services, training, skill transfer and services cut the cost of implementation to over 50% which makes our IBM offering competitive.
    • It also guarantees a successful implementation with a record time the makes the total cost of ownership very appealing to the customer.


  • Solution areas

    Aerospace & Defense
       Integrated Production and Supply
       Service Lifecycle Management
    Financial Services/Banking
       Automated Solutions
    Cross industry
       Business Process Management and Integration
       On Demand Operating Environment
          Information and data integration
       Supply Chain Management
       System and data management
          Operating Systems
          Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • Languages supported


  • Countries/regions available for distribution

    United States


    Egypt , Iraq , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates

Technical information

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  • Hardware/OS platforms

    • Hardware

      IBM Cloud
      IBM Systems: Power
      Non-IBM Hardware
         Hewlett-Packard servers (incl. Compaq)
         Other non-IBM servers

  • Services

    IBM Tivoli Live Monitoring Services
    Business Solutions: Application Innovation
    Business Solutions: Supply Chain Management
    Education & Training
    Managed Messaging & Collaborative Services
    Professional Services

  • Software

    IBM Information Management
       FileNet Product Family
          FileNet Application Connector for SAP R/3
          FileNet Application Connector for Siebel
          FileNet Application Engine
          FileNet Business Activity Monitor
          FileNet Business Process Manager
          FileNet Business Process Manager Starter Pack
          FileNet Capture
          FileNet Capture Advanced Document Recognition
          FileNet Capture Desktop
          FileNet Capture Professional
          FileNet Connectors for Microsoft SharePoint
          FileNet Content Federation Services
          FileNet Content Manager
          FileNet Content Manager Collaboration Edition
          FileNet Content Manager Starter Pack
          FileNet Content Services
          FileNet eForms
          FileNet eProcess
          FileNet IDM Desktop
          FileNet Image Manager Active Edition
          FileNet Image Services
          FileNet Image Services Connector to IBM DR550
          FileNet Image Services Resource Adaptor
          FileNet Image Services Utilities - DART
          FileNet Image Services Utilities - HPII
          FileNet Image Services Utilities - MRII
          FileNet P8 Platform
          FileNet Print
          FileNet Process Analyzer
          FileNet Process Simulator
          FileNet Records Crawler
          FileNet Rendition Engine
          FileNet Report Manager
          FileNet SnapLock Storage and Retrieval
          FileNet System Monitor
       Information Management
          DB2 Administration Solution Pack for z/OS
          DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS
          DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
          DB2 Alphablox
          DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS
          DB2 Archive Log Accelerator
          DB2 Audit Management Expert
          DB2 Audit Management Expert for z/OS
          DB2 Automation Tool for z/OS
          DB2 Bind Manager
          DB2 Bind Manager for z/OS
          DB2 Buffer Pool Analyzer for z/OS
          DB2 Change Accumulation Tool for z/OS
          DB2 Change Management Expert for Multiplatforms
          DB2 Cloning Tool for z/OS
          DB2 Configuration Manager for z/OS
          DB2 Connect
          DB2 Connect Application Server Advanced Edition
          DB2 Connect Application Server Edition
          DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition
          DB2 Connect Personal Edition
          DB2 Connect Unlimited Advanced Edition for System z
          DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System i
          DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System z
          DB2 Cube Views
          DB2 Data Links Manager
          DB2 DataPropagator for iSeries
          DB2 Developer Edition
          DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
          DB2 Everyplace
          DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition
          DB2 Express Edition
          DB2 Express-C
          DB2 Fast Copy Solution Pack for z/OS
          DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
          DB2 for z/OS
          DB2 for z/OS Value Unit Edition
          DB2 High Performance Unload for z/OS
          DB2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS
          DB2 Merge Backup for Linux UNIX and Windows
          DB2 Net Search Extender
          DB2 Object Comparison Tool for z/OS
          DB2 Object Restore for z/OS
          DB2 Optimization Expert for z/OS
          DB2 Path Checker for z/OS
          DB2 Performance Expert for Multiplatforms
          DB2 Query Management Facility
          DB2 Query Management Facility Enterprise Edition
          DB2 Query Management Facility for z/OS
          DB2 Query Monitor for z/OS
          DB2 Query Patroller
          DB2 Query Workload Tuner for z/OS
          DB2 Recovery Expert for z/OS
          DB2 Server for VSE & VM
          DB2 Spatial Extender for Linux, UNIX and Windows
          DB2 SQL Performance Analyzer for z/OS
          DB2 Storage Management Utility for z/OS
          DB2 Table Editor for Multiplatforms
          DB2 Test Database Generator for Multiplatforms
          DB2 Test Database Generator for z/OS
          DB2 Tools for Linux, UNIX and Windows
          DB2 Tools for z/OS
          DB2 Universal Database for Linux
          DB2 Utilities Enhancement Tool for z/OS
          DB2 Utilities Solution Pack for z/OS
          DB2 Warehouse Manager
          DB2 with BLU Acceleration Pattern
          DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
          DB2 XML Extender
          IBM Data Studio
          IBM ILOG CP
          IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio
          InfoSphere DataStage
          InfoSphere DataStage MVS Edition
          InfoSphere DataStage Pack for Data Masking
          InfoSphere Information Analyzer
          InfoSphere Information Server
    IBM Lotus
       Exceptional Digital Experience
          WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OS
          WebSphere Portal Express
          WebSphere Portal Extend
          WebSphere Portal Server
          WebSphere Portal Server Hypervisor Edition
    IBM Other
       Enterprise Content Management
          IBM Case Manager
          Case Foundation
          Datacap Accounts Payable
          Datacap FastDoc Capture
          Datacap Medical Claims
          Datacap Taskmaster Accounts Payable Capture
          Datacap Taskmaster Medical Claims Capture
       IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform
       Other Software
          Sterling B2B Integrator
          Sterling Connect:Direct
          Sterling Connect:Direct Browser User Interface
          Sterling Connect:Direct File Agent
          Sterling Connect:Direct for HP NonStop
          Sterling Connect:Direct for i5/OS
          Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows
          Sterling Connect:Direct for OpenVMS
          Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX
          Sterling Connect:Direct for VM/VSE
          Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS
          Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+
          Sterling Connect:Enterprise
          Sterling Connect:Enterprise for UNIX
          Sterling Connect:Enterprise for z/OS
          Sterling Connect:Express
          Sterling Connect:Express Adapter for Sterling B2B Integrator
          Sterling Connect:Express Application Interface for Java
          Sterling Connect:Express for Microsoft Windows
          Sterling Connect:Express for UNIX
          Sterling Connect:Express for z/OS
          Sterling File Gateway
          Sterling Gentran for z/OS
          Sterling Gentran:Director
          Sterling Gentran:Server for iSeries
          Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows
          Sterling Gentran:Server for UNIX
          Sterling Order Management
          Sterling Secure Proxy
          Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite
          Sterling Warehouse Management System
          Transformation Extender
          Transformation Extender Advanced
       Sterling Commerce
          Sterling B2B Integrator
          Sterling Connect:Direct
          Sterling Connect:Direct Application Interface for Java
          Sterling Connect:Direct Browser User Interface
          Sterling Connect:Direct File Agent
          Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+
          Sterling Connect:Enterprise
          Sterling Connect:Express
          Sterling Connection for Intermodal Exchange
          Sterling Control Center
          Sterling Control Center Configuration Manager
          Sterling Secure Proxy
    IBM Rational
          IBM UrbanCode Build
          IBM UrbanCode Deploy
          IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns
          IBM UrbanCode Release
          XL C Enterprise Edition for AIX
          XL C for AIX
          XL C/C++ Advanced Edition for Blue Gene
          XL C/C++ Advanced Edition for Linux
          XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition for AIX
          XL C/C++ for AIX
          XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q
          XL C/C++ for Linux
          XL C/C++ for Multicore Acceleration for Linux
          XL C/C++ for z/VM
          XL Fortran Advanced Edition for Blue Gene
          XL Fortran for AIX
          XL Fortran for Blue Gene/Q
          XL Fortran for Linux
          z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition
          z/OS XL C/C++
    IBM WebSphere
          IBM Integration Bus on Cloud
          IBM App Connect Enterprise on Cloud
          IBM App Connect Enterprise for IBM Cloud
          IBM App Connect Enterprise
          Blueworks Live
          BPM Blueprint
          Commerce on Cloud
          IBM API Connect
          IBM API Connect Enterprise
          IBM API Connect Essentials
          IBM API Connect for Bluemix
          IBM API Connect Professional
          IBM API Management
          IBM API Management on Cloud
          IBM API Management Service
          IBM Business Monitor
          IBM Business Process Manager Advanced
          IBM Business Process Manager Advanced for z/OS
          IBM Business Process Manager Application Pattern
          IBM Business Process Manager Express
          IBM Business Process Manager Industry Packs
          IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud
          IBM Business Process Manager Pattern
          IBM Business Process Manager Standard
          IBM Business Process Manager Tools and Add-Ons
          IBM Business Rules for z/OS
          IBM DataPower Gateway
          IBM DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition
          IBM DataPower Gateways
          IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard
          IBM Decision Center
          IBM Decision Center for z/OS
          IBM Decision Optimization Center
          IBM Decision Server
          IBM Decision Server Advanced
          IBM Decision Server for z/OS
          IBM HTTP Server
          IBM ILOG AMPL
          IBM ILOG CP
          IBM ILOG CP Optimizer
          IBM ILOG CPLEX
          IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio
          IBM ILOG DB Link
          IBM ILOG Diagram for .NET
          IBM ILOG Elixir
          IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise
          IBM ILOG Gantt for .NET
          IBM ILOG Inventory and Product Flow Analyst
          IBM ILOG JViews Charts
          IBM ILOG JViews Diagrammer
          IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise
          IBM ILOG JViews Gantt
          IBM ILOG JViews Graph Layout for Eclipse
          IBM ILOG JViews Maps
          IBM ILOG JViews Maps for Defense
          IBM ILOG JViews Telecom Graphic Objects
          IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise
          IBM ILOG Server
          IBM ILOG Transportation Analyst
          IBM ILOG Views
          IBM Integration Bus
          IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack
          IBM Integration Designer
          IBM MessageSight
          IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern
          IBM MQ
          IBM MQ Advanced
          IBM MQ Appliance
          IBM MQ Light
          IBM MQ Managed File Transfer
          IBM Operational Decision Management for z/OS
          IBM Operational Decision Manager
          IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced
          IBM Operational Decision Manager Application Pattern
          IBM Operational Decision Manager Express
          IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud
          IBM Operational Decision Manager Pattern on AIX
          IBM Operational Decision Manager Pattern on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
          IBM Operational Decision Manager Standard
          IBM SDK for Node.js
          ILOG LogicNet Plus XE
          Liberty for Java for Bluemix
          Operational Decision Management for z/OS
          Operational Decision Manager for z/OS
          Unified Messaging for WebSphere Voice Response
          WebSphere Appliance Management Center
          WebSphere Application Server
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 8.5+
          WebSphere Application Server - Base Version 6.1
          WebSphere Application Server - Base Version 7
          WebSphere Application Server - Base Version 8
          WebSphere Application Server - Base Version 8.5+
          WebSphere Application Server - Express
          WebSphere Application Server - Express Version 8
          WebSphere Application Server - Express Version 7
          WebSphere Application Server - Express Version 8.5+
          WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
          WebSphere Application Server for Bluemix
          WebSphere Application Server for Developers
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 6.1
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 7
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 8
          WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition
          WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core
          WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core Patterns
          WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core Version 8.5+
          WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core with Custom Pattern for Linux on z Systems
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 8.5+
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment - Tools Edition
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Patterns
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 6.1
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 7
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 8
          WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment with Custom Pattern for Linux on z Systems
          WebSphere Application Server v7 Feature Pack for Modern Batch
          WebSphere Business Compass
          WebSphere Business Events
          WebSphere Business Events eXtreme Scale
          WebSphere Business Events for z/OS
          WebSphere Business Integration Server Express
          WebSphere Business Integration Workbench Entry Edition
          WebSphere Business Integration Workbench Server
          WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced
          WebSphere Business Modeler Basic
          WebSphere Business Modeler Publishing Server
          WebSphere Business Monitor
          WebSphere Business Rules for z/OS
          WebSphere Business Services Fabric
          WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration
          WebSphere Data Interchange for MultiPlatforms
          WebSphere Data Interchange for z/OS
          WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62
          WebSphere DataPower Edge Appliance XE82
          WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI50
          WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52
          WebSphere DataPower Service Gateway XG45
          WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance
          WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
          WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition
          WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Retail Store Edition
          WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment
          WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment
          WebSphere Extended Deployment
          WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid
          WebSphere Extended Deployment for z/OS
          WebSphere eXtreme Scale
          WebSphere ILOG Business Rules for z/OS
          WebSphere ILOG Decision Validation Services
          WebSphere ILOG JRules
          WebSphere ILOG Rule Solutions for Office
          WebSphere ILOG Rule Team Server
          WebSphere ILOG Rules for .NET
          WebSphere ILOG Rules for COBOL
          WebSphere Industry Content Packs
          WebSphere InterChange Server
          WebSphere Liberty
          WebSphere Lombardi Edition
          WebSphere Message Broker
          WebSphere Message Broker for Remote Adapter Deployment
          WebSphere Message Broker for z/OS
          WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension for Multiplatforms
          WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension for z/OS
          WebSphere MQ
          WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security
          WebSphere MQ Everyplace Network Edition
          WebSphere MQ Everyplace Retail Edition
          WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition
          WebSphere MQ for z/OS
          WebSphere MQ for z/VSE
          WebSphere MQ Hypervisor Edition for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
          WebSphere MQ Hypervisor For AIX
          WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging
          WebSphere MQ Telemetry
          WebSphere MQ Workflow for Multiplatforms
          WebSphere Operational Decision Management
          WebSphere Partner Gateway
          WebSphere Partner Gateway - Express
          WebSphere Partner Gateway Advanced Edition
          WebSphere Partner Gateway Enterprise Edition
          WebSphere Portal
          WebSphere Portlet Factory
          WebSphere Process Server Hypervisor Edition
          WebSphere Real Time
          WebSphere Remote Server
          WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
          WebSphere Service Registry and Repository Advanced Lifecycle Edition
          WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition
          WebSphere Transformation Extender
          WebSphere Translation Server for Multiplatforms
          WebSphere Virtual Enterprise
          WebSphere Voice Response for AIX
          WebSphere Voice Server
          Workload Deployer
    Non-IBM Software
       Other Relational Databases Products
    Cloud and Data Platform
       Digital Business Automation Portfolio
          IBM Business Automation Workflow
    Red Hat
          Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage
          Red Hat Ceph Storage
          Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure
          Red Hat Gluster Storage

  • Cloud services

    IBM Public Cloud Platform
       Public Cloud PaaS
          IBM Cloud Native Development Subscription for IBM Cloud
       Public Cloud IaaS
          IBM Cloud infrastructure on Cloud BU paper (SL for IBM Channels)

       Data and AI for Hybrid Cloud Portfolio
          Cloud Pak for Data System
    Red Hat
       Cloud Computing
          Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes
          Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
          Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

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