Asavie Moda helps organisations protect their staff and mobile devices from online threats and malicious content by giving organizations total control over their mobile data. It works across every SIM-enabled device – smartphones, tablets, MiFis. 

  • Threat Prevention
    • MODA’s categorisation engine includes malicious website detection and zero-hour protection.
  • Visibility  
    • Asavie Moda provides granular insight into the data transit from the device giving you clear visibility and allowing you to make changes in real time.
    • Live reporting shows the status of your organisation’s data use at static moments in time.   Data consumption, number of users connected per device
    • Historic reporting allows enterprises to easily spot data trends, compare Billing Cycles and take corrective action
  • Control 
    • Asavie Moda controls mobile access to millions of Internet sites and apps using our  categorisation tool using 26 separate traffic categories covering millions of websites, allowing the enterprise to set policies for individuals and groups. 
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi Support 
    • Moda applies to both cellular and Wi-Fi networks ensuring users are protected at all time
  • Easy Setup  
    • Inherent in the network, No hardware/software to install

Business information

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  • Functional details

    MODA drive its functionality powered by the Asavie software defined network


    • Blocked content reporting
    • Data usage reporting
    • Content filtering
    • Policy enforcement
    • Data control
    • Block unknown domains
    • Cellular and Wi-Fi controls
    • Messaging
    • Zone control
    • Time of day control
    • Speed throttling
    • Real time data limit alerts

  • Business opportunity

    Generate extra revenue from mobile data while building better relationships with high-value customers

    Asavie Moda is a mobile security and data management solution that gives your business customers complete control over the type and amount of data they use. After signing them up for a data package and devices, the natural next step is to give them the means to manage the way their employees use them to access online services - the volume, the speed, and the type of content. 

    Paid for as an operational expense, Asavie Moda gives you a predictable and reliable run-rate. 


  • Return on investment

    Enterprises see two major return of investment when deploying Moda. 

    1. Controlled data consumption has two major impacts
      • reduces data consumption with 50-75% on average. Mobile cost is reduced on average between 35-50%.
      • Controlled Data consumption reduces liability thanks to enforced governance and policies
    2. Productivity sees a rise between 10%-25% just by providing visibility on non work related data usage.


  • Competitive advantage

    Asavie Moda runs in the network which makes it unique in the marketplace. It enables the Enterprise to set a policies and rules on the actual data transit from the device analysing usage and compliance.

    • Visibility and insight on all traffic from the device
    • Data controls in real time 
    • Simple to deploy and use as there is no install
    • As the service runs in the network, it is OS and Device agnostic

  • Industries

    Cross Industry
    Education Industry
    Professional Services Industry
    Retail Industry
    Travel & Transportation Industry

  • Solution areas

    Travel and Transportation
       Airline Operations
       Security operations
    Cross industry
       Computer Services
       Dynamic Infrastructure/Smarter Planet
       Pervasive and Wireless Computing
          Workforce Mobility
       Surveillance and security
          Data and Information Security
          Governance, Risk and Compliance
          Identity and Access Management
          Safety, Security and Privacy
          User Identification
       System and data management
          Data Handling

  • Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • Languages supported


  • Countries/regions available for distribution

    United States

    Ireland , United Kingdom

  • Solution collateral

Technical information

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  • Hardware/OS platforms

    • Operating systems

      Linux family
         Other Linux family
            Google Android
      Other Operating Systems
         Macintosh Operating System family
            Apple iOS

  • Services

    IBM Application Security Services
    IBM Data Mobility Services
    IBM Data Security Services for endpoint data protection
    Managed Intranet & Internet Services
    Outsourcing - MobileFirst Collaboration Services

  • Software

    IBM Other
       Security Systems
          IBM MaaS360 Deluxe Suite (SaaS)
          IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Suite (SaaS)
          IBM MaaS360 Essentials Suite (SaaS)
          IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Apps
          IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Browser
          IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Documents
          IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management
          IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Management
          IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Security
          IBM MaaS360 Mobile Content Management
          IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management
          IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Editor
          IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Sync
          IBM MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management
          IBM MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management
          IBM MaaS360 Premier Suite (SaaS)
          IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser
          IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Mail

Date last modified:    Apr 18, 2018

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