Fingertip is Peacock Engineering’s mobile solution which keeps the whole organisation connected and delivers knowledge where it’s needed. The Fingertip development team have developed a mobile solution that reflects individual industry needs and delivers the functionality that each industry requires. Peacock Engineering understands that the solution design should extend Maximo into the field, taking advantage  of mobile technology to enhance Maximo’s capabilities.


Fingertip has been designed for the best possible user experience, with a clear design and ease of use. Its flexible framework easily supports configuration. The use of IBM MobileFirst and the solution architecture ensures that it is a secure, high performing solution, with scalability for high user numbers, high data volumes and/or high transaction levels. Information from Maximo’s key functions, including inspections, inventory and work orders, are captured on the mobile device automatically and securely transferred back to Maximo in real-time, giving visibility of these jobs at every stage.

Business information

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  • Functional details

    Fingertip consists of a core application with separate modules, these include:

    • Core Framework
    • Work Execution
    • Inventory Module
    • HSQE Management
    • Supply Chain Management


    • Work Centers.
    • Mobile Work Management.
    • Calibration.

    Key Features:

    • GIS/Mapping.
    • Mobile Forms.
    • My Work and Available Work.
    • ATEX Inspections.
    • User Experience.
    • Offline Working.

  • Business problem

    Provides accurate first-time data in real time at point of work. · Mobile forms that work off / online within hazardous environments. · Flexible work execution - tailored configuration for work scheduling and execution · Single application design for seamless experience · Improved quality and quantity of information · Before/after photos tagged to work order & asset · Improved workforce productivity & decision making at the centre · Reduced paper

  • Business opportunity

    Fingertip Mobility gives an App-based approach to Work Management and other Mobile functions used as part of an Asset Management deployment such as Maximo. The approach enables a high speed delivery from requirement definition to business case realisation. The application can be delivered on-premise or via a SaaS model and delivers real value and productivity improvements at point of work "Knowledge where it's needed". Any organisation with a field base workforce can benefit from the solution

  • Return on investment

    With the time between requirements definition and deployment being short, the impact on ROI can start to be seen almost immediately. Customers using the solution have been able to evaluate its workforce and redeploy resources to other areas of the business within 1 month of go-live simply by looking at productivity improvements. This coupled with accurate data to improve decision making as well as improvements in areas such as warranty management and H&S gives this solution a robust ROI over a short period giving business cases a strong chance of success

  • Competitive advantage

    Fingertip uses IBM MobileFirst and the solution architecture ensures that it is a secure, high performing solution.

    Unique Points

    • Mobile Forms

    Fingertip uses Peacock Engineering's unique mobile forms capability for Maximo. Fingertip uses these forms to support highly tailored inspection and data collection activities. Mobile forms allow users to complete audits and inspections on a mobile platform. They are completely configurable within Maximo and can be designed to suit any organisation's particular requirement.

    • User Experience

    Unlike other mobile solutions, Fingertip does not replicate Maximo on a device. It has been designed to fulfil all of Maximo's functionality and is clear and easy to use.

  • Industries

    Automotive Industry
    Chemicals & Petroleum Industry
    Cross Industry
    Energy & Utilities Industry
    Life Sciences Industry

  • Solution areas

    Chemicals and Petroleum
       Production management
    Energy and Utilities
       Asset Management
       Infrastructure and Systems Management
    Life Sciences
       Regulatory and Compliance
    Cross industry
       Business Process Management and Integration
       Customer Relationship Management
          Field Services Effectiveness
       Dynamic Infrastructure/Smarter Planet
          Asset Management
          Service Management
       Pervasive and Wireless Computing
          Workforce Mobility
       Supply Chain Management
          Asset Management

  • Customer size

    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • Languages supported


  • Countries/regions available for distribution

    Ireland , United Kingdom

  • Solution collateral

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    May 13, 2019 News/Marketing
    Fact Sheet
    Oct 2, 2018 Video demonstration

Technical information

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  • Hardware/OS platforms

    • Operating systems

      Other Operating Systems
         Macintosh Operating System family
            Apple iOS

  • Services

    IBM Smarter Workforce
    Managed Services: Application Hosting
    Services: Custom Application Development

  • Software

    IBM Tivoli
    IBM WebSphere

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