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Fresh Relevance 1.0

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Real-time personalisation and automation for retailers. Fresh Relevance promotes the right content to the right person at the right time via the right channel for a real-time personalised customer experience. We combine real-time data, real-time content creation, cross channel targeting and triggered communications.


See how easy it is to set up real-time cross channel personalisation using Fresh relevance for IBM Marketing Cloud. 

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Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement

Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement
   Campaign Management & Marketing
   Community, Social & Customer Engagement
   IBM Marketing Cloud

Date last modified:    Mar 30, 2018


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Eddy Swindell
02380 119 751


Fresh Relevance
Epsilon House
Enterprise Road, Southampton Science Park
Southampton SO16 7NS
United Kingdom

+44 23 02380119750

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