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Versus Advantages™ RTLS Patient Flow Solutions

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In healthcare, every minute matters. The Versus Real-time Locating System (RTLS) combined with Versus Advantages™ patient flow solutions enhance the efficiency of care, giving hospitals and clinics the gift of time—more time for patient care, more time for additional patients, more time to add to the bottom line.

  • Locate patients, staff and assets in real time

  • Automate patient, staff and asset workflows

  • Enhance staff and patient safety

  • Monitor hand hygiene, 24/7, in real time

  • Collect unbiased, accurate data on patient care milestones

  • Continually improve processes and measure results

  • Integrate and automate healthcare systems such as EMRs

Business information

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  • Functional details

    Versus Advantages’ robust reporting engine provides additional knowledge-based connectivity through real-time data streaming (to help managers make adjustments based on current and trending data) and historical reporting (to help analyze processes, measure quality improvement initiatives, protect against liability and ensure compliance with hospital and regulatory standards, such as Meaningful Use, CDC and Joint Commission compliance reporting). Imagine having a variety of reports instantly available, based on data you did not have to enter: hand-washing compliance by unit; equipment utilization; milestone reports; time-together reports related specific patients. The benefits are innumerable.

  • Business problem

    • Reduce rental rates & replacement fees
    • Eliminate expensive search & find procedures
    • Increase patient safety & reduce liability
    • Achieve enterprise-wide interoperability
    • Optimize efficiency & productivity
    • Reduce staff turnover
    • Automate data capture & record maintenance
    • Simplify regulatory compliance & reporting
    • Score positive press and community respect (Top Hospitals Lists, Awards, Press Ganey, Magnet Status.)

  • Business opportunity

    Clinical staff usually spend a significant amount of time each day looking for clinical devices, such as pumps, wheelchairs and other mobile assets. Versus Advantages reduces frustration and the time spent searching for equipment—saving nurses considerable time and allowing them to focus on patient care; improving both their quality of work life, their productivity and improve clinical outcomes. With Versus Advantages you can do more than just locate equipment. Set operational “rules” for example, if a nurse discovers a piece of equipment needs service, all she has to do is push it to a predetermined location and a popup or email automatically alerts someone in clinical engineering to retrieve that equipment, and measures how long it takes. Or monitor PAR levels regarding how much equipment should be available in an area at all times? Versus delivers complete Automated Patient and Clinical Workflow solutions for all areas of the healthcare spectrum, truly covering the enterprise with solutions for patient, staff and asset tracking in all environments. Our technology is proven and accurate, with the added assurance of being based on nurse call life safety systems. Room-level, bed-level, chair-level accuracy. Beyond the technology, Versus delivers a complete software solution to display location information and enhance communication and efficiency. Versus also provides a custom reporting mechanism, for real-time process improvement and retrospective analysis. This allows Versus to couple location information parameters (Who? What? When? Where?) for communication via HL7 or to automate events and send alerts. :

  • Return on investment

    Efficiencies achieved include users who have: Increased profits over $1 Million. ED customer who grew ED volume from 60K to 100K without adding staff. Acute bed turnaround time reduced by 75 minutes per bed per day. A Clinic expanded exam rooms from 8 rooms to 20 and did not add staff. Asset Tracking customer who reduced annual equipment loss from $1.5M to $40K. Reduced phone calls by 75%. A Clinic, eliminated waiting rooms and reduced registration to rooming times to just over 2 minutes. Enterprise customer who decreased patient stay by 36% for adults admitted through the ED and increased cash collections by 60%. These results are repeatable and sustainable.

  • Competitive advantage

    Versus, a Midmark Company, provides highly granular, timely and exceptionally reliable location data. Healthcare facilities can locate patients, assets and staff to the room level, bed level and chair level, as needed. Sensors can be further focused to attain 12” accuracy. Versus’ location information refreshes every 3 seconds, with a No False Positive guarantee. The RTLS requires an exclusive read and, therefore, cannot locate a badge that is not present. Other RTLS vendors have tried to achieve Versus’ level of accuracy by adding exciters, UWB and Ultrasound to Wi-Fi, or reversing IR/RFID communication protocols to get around Versus’ patents. These “fixes” do not produce reliable, cost-effective clinical-quality location data. Plus, this accurate location data is available for analysis and benchmarking in a suite of ready-made reports developed with process improvement in mind.

  • Industries

    Healthcare Industry

  • Solution areas

    Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
       Physician Office Automation
          Health information systems
    Cross industry
       Document Management
       Dynamic Infrastructure/Smarter Planet
          Asset Management
       On Demand Operating Environment
       Supply Chain Management
          Asset Management

  • Customer size

    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

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  • Countries/regions available for distribution

    United States

Technical information

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  • Hardware/OS platforms

    Non-IBM Hardware
       Windows Server 2008 (inclusive)
    Fujitsu Siemens servers
       IBM 4690 Operating System

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Versus Technology
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