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Search the Global Solutions Directory and the Business Partner Application Showcase for offerings from IBM Business Partners at all membership levels, from all industries, worldwide. Locate solutions and solution providers based on specific characteristics. Use keywords and one or more of the search filters to help refine the list of matching results. Note: Javascript and cookies must be enabled for Search to function as designed.

Search tips

To improve the effectiveness of your search results, try these best practices:

  • Use quotes to search exact terms. Use quotes to find results that have the exact match of words. Quotes indicate that all words must be found exactly as you entered them within the quotes, including spaces. For example, use "IBM DB2" to avoid getting thousands of results where either of the words match text in the solution.
  • Use pipes if text includes special characters. Certain conditions, such as of the "&" character and trademark symbols can interfere with search logic. For example: searching for "C&EP Chips" might not render what you are expecting but searching |C&EP Chips| could.
  • Be specific. Use terms that are unique or try adding descriptive terms. For example, a search for DB2 might return too many results. If you are really looking for information on DB2 UDB, enter db2 udb or db2 udb linux.
  • Use filters. If you want to narrow your results, select filters from the left. You may also select filters without keywords to see all solutions for that filter category.
  • Check your spelling. A single misspelled or incorrectly typed term can change your results.
  • Learn from your results. Your search might not return exactly what you are looking for, but scanning the results can help you see the words that were found and give you ideas for other searches. Adding specific terms narrows your results.

Search filters

  • Keywords: Keywords are used to narrow your search criteria. Enter one or more words, use quotes ("word") to indicate specific words use pipe characters (| your words |) to indicate multiple exact phrases, use the minus sign (-) to indicate you want to exclude certain words from the search.
  • Solution display language: The language you will see and use on your display. By default, the results will be filtered for the language recognized as your preference. This language is related to the text displayed on this system, it is not related to the languages actually supported by the solution's application or service. The supported languages are in another filter.
  • Countries/regions: Countries/regions in which the solutions are available for purchase.
  • Industry: Types of industries for which solutions are developed.
  • Languages supported: Languages in which solutions are available, (e.g., for software solutions, this would specify the languages supported by the user interface).
  • Platform configurations: Find solutions with operating systems that run on specific hardware platforms.
  • Services: Services such as consulting or education and training that are the solution or part of the solution.
  • Software: Find solutions that make use of, complement, or are dependent on one of these IBM software products.
  • Solution area: Specific solution focus within a line of business or industry, (e.g., production management within the electronics industry).
  • Solution type: Software, Hardware, Microelectronics, Services, or Managed Services.
  • Storage: Find solutions that utilize or support various IBM storage products.
  • Validations and specialties: Validation marks signify that the Business Partner's solution has met certain established criteria that helps to further distinguish their offering. Validation methods vary from technical enablement, to customer references, to identified expertise and skills in IBM software and related technologies.
  • Verified platforms: Search for solutions offered on a platform that has been verified by IBM through a customer installation or technical enablement at an IBM site.